Prediction of creep behavior

Подпись: £ Prediction of creep behavior Подпись: (48)

The creep behavior equation of NASC can be expressed by Eq. (48).

Prediction of creep behavior

Because the strain in both fiber and interface is much smaller than that in matrix, only the strain in matrix is considered under compressive load. Then the stress-strain relationship of the third part in Fig.6 resulted from the resilience constitutive equation is in the form

Подпись: a Подпись: (,) (0) CL (l) , Ґ+ CTm _)<Im ills) d_ 1 - - 2f J°+ m ds Подпись: (51)

The stress-resilience equation of NASC is in the form

The detailed derivation of Eqs. (7)-(51) can be found elsewhere (Zhu, 2008).

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