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Garage alteration in small-sized housing

In our loved heading the hands we often wrote about alteration, completion and other fascinating manipulations with furniture. This post shows to us an example of more large-scale transformation of an actual place because on an exit we receive though >

Shabby yashchichka become fashionable

The German company Schub Laden does fashionable and modern furniture, and a vintage today in a fashion. Thus, it not imitation, and true boxes from old furniture. Where they take so many real starenky boxes - the reader will ask. And clients bring to >

Pendant kitchen cases go down on a floor

The website Ikea Hackers continues to amuse us new fascinating finds. Now to your attention are offered 2 low and very narrow cases (in the west of them call sideboard). The thought is very ordinary: IKEA kitchen cases are bought, at us in the Russian >

Other New Year trees

Hello, dear readers! Here new year also comes nearer, and means time came to think over a fir-tree. Last year we had a post about unique fir-trees which much was to the taste. Lets renew this tradition. Lets collect here other unique fir-trees and ideas >

Spiral stool; new look

The German designer Manuel Velski knows that the usual bottle stopper became an inspiration source for a stool, and it is simply possible to believe in it, looking at Scrw (screw) - the founder so called the creation. The framework of a stool >

Interroom dividers

Transparent screens with the sewed patterns gather everything huge popularity abroad. Advantages of such partitions явны: it is simple to establish, and is more exact, to suspend. It is simple to transfer from place to place. Because of own structure >

Modest charm of concrete

Was the post is remembered at us about that the furniture from concrete becomes more and more and more prestigious. But there objects were rather huge - table-tops, sinks and other powerful things. The Israeli student of Shmuel Linski ran across to small >

Garden bench from prutok

We continue ours to fill up our heading A garden bench with the hands from what it is necessary. The Israeli furniture designer of Gal Ben-Arav suggests to use a young reed which is inserted as is in dural profiles. >

Letters from neon tubes

In the West the new unique device for interior scenery comes into a fashion: being shone neon буковкы of which it is possible to make words and phrases. Already and on Etsy it is possible to get. Are available all буковкы the Latin alphabet plus number >