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Energy saving lamps. Save up with taste

In design of lamps a bulb, usually, I hide - it and is clear that its dullish and ordinary to expose on display. The Plumen company decided to correct a situation, having made energy saving lamps of an unusual form - such lamp any more hunting to hide >

The freshest design ideas

Founders of SolovyovDesign studio Maria and Igor Solovyev – the Belarusian industrial designers. On their website the furniture collection from ротанга Eppl is a lot of fascinating works, such as for example. >

Hangers from old furniture

This post as well as possible approaches to a heading the 2nd life of old furniture. All of us like to hang up clothes on a chair back and if the chair broke or bothered? Backs of old furniture sawed off and they found the second life as unique hangers >

Acoustics for a traditional interior

The Bowers & Wilkins company does good-quality acoustics and special representation does not need, everything, for example remember their Zeppelin Air For us, proceeding from belief of an interior, their brand new model of the columns PM1 is fascinating >

Harmonious bench

We many times wrote about coffee little tables, Polish the BEYOND studio (the designer of Karolina Tylka) developed design, as they christened the creation, the Coffee bench. The bench is made of similar wood parts which can occupy two various provisions >

Modular hinged interroom partitions

Interroom dividers of a fascinating modular design from the company 3form are quite good that the client upon purchase receives a box containing all necessary details. Now business only behind your creativity: partitions - hinged, weigh not enough and >

Storage of vegetables in modern kitchen

Hello, dear readers! Lets look now for the answer to that here a prosaic question: where to store a potato to the city dweller? That at once and under a hand and accurately looked. The website thekitchn offers the noteworthy ideas, including the special >