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Levitiruyushchiye floor lamps

In Goodsie Internet shop it is possible to get the floor and desk lamps which highest part freely soars in space without any cunning optical effects and other covered tricks. The effect turns out because of the electric forces truly calculated and applied >

Gothic leather furniture

What it is represented to us, when we hear leather furniture? There can be a pathos office of the managing director or there can be a traditional powerful leather chair with a smooth shining surface. Absolutely other authors furniture of >

Modular furniture of Stadtnomaden

The German company Stadtnomaden based in Stuttgart, developed something bigger, than some lines of modern furniture, quicker, their designers developed a uniform approach to production of comfortable functional furniture. Whether it be the bed, a sofa >

Sofas with a photo printing

With development of equipment of the large-format press on various surfaces arises more and more abilities to make the furniture rather unique and reflecting your feature. If earlier it was a question generally of an ornament of walls photo wall-paper >

Desk lamp with an empty plafond

This desk lamp is fascinating that harmoniously combines in itself lines of a traditional working lamp, the lighting device with a glass plafond and the LED technology. Unusual originality is given to a lamp by absence to a usual bulb in a transparent >

Floor lamps of PENTA Light

These huge on the size floor lighting devices are developed by the designer of Gaia Bellavia. Both the lamp shade and a leg выдуты from smoky glass of various flowers and thanks to a special covering, not only pass light and reflect a surrounding situation >

Sofa shed and prestigious table from starenky boards

In a post Shabby chic we wrote about furniture from starenky boxes, road symbols and other stuff. Designers of the Swedish studio North on Sixty act more purposefully: they find the starenky thrown sheds and assort them on boards (at them >

Sofa with an electromotor

There is an outlook that human laziness - the main cursor of progress so there were remote panels for a TV set and a large quantity of things without which we do not represent our daily life. The furniture company Campeggi developed a being displayed >