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Modular furniture: the most usual approach

The mobile modular furniture is not always difficult being displayed mechanisms, hinges and other. As show two subsequent examples are there can be the ordinary rectangular pillows lying on a floor. A set of TAT-Tris blocks from living in Singapore the >

Folding modular racks

Fascinating design of modular racks invented in furniture firm Officina41. Any shelf separately simply acts in film, turns over - and fastens already under an inclination, becoming an exhibition board. That furniture transformer perfectly will suit small >

Wall panels from felt

The English studio Anne Kyyro Quinn practises on wall coverings from felt. Felt a good natural stuff, plastic in skilled hands. In difference from wall-paper for walls, felt can give structure and volume. The most part of coverings it is made manually >

Magnificent office chairs

The German designers Moritz Bettkher and Soren Hensler made a chair LUC. Chairs consist of the bent tube of 16 millimetric tubes and 2 bent sheets of aluminum. Fastened invisible болтиками (on the sandwich type) the chair looks very integral and harmonious >

Elastic tile or apron for kitchen the hands in 2 hours

At present in a fashion a tile for a kitchen apron from small parts, with any spangles - gold, glass, mirror inserts, etc. On our blog there is even a big special post devoted to a tile for kitchen aprons. The Surfaces company probably fixedly looks behind >



• Plan a mechanical exhaust system, vented to the outside, for each enclosed area.

Code requirement

• Minimum ventilation for the bathroom is to be a window of at least 3 square feet (0.27 square meters) of which 50% is operable, or a mechanical ventilation system of at least 50 cubic feet (15,240 cubic mm) per minute (cfm) exhausted to the outside.

• (IRC R303.3, IRC M1507.2, IRC M1507.3)

access Standard


• Ventilation controls should be placed 15 inches to 48 inches (381 mm to 1219 mm) above the floor, operable with minimal effort, easy to read, and with minimal noise pollution.

ICC A117.1-2009 Reference

• See Access Standard 25 for operable controls.

• See Access Standard 22 for reach range for controls.