FIGURE 9.22 Hydrotherapy tubs can use jets, air, or a combination. Courtesy of Aquatic


FIGURE 9.22 Hydrotherapy tubs can use jets, air, or a combination. Courtesy of Aquatic

backrest, doors, controls, and lighting. Infrared heat can be used for warm-ups for athletes, physical therapy, or massages.


Color often has personal associations that lead to color preferences for certain spaces and activi­ties. Various shades, tones, and intensities of blue and green are often considered soothing and are used in spa areas. Reds and yellows are considered warm and more active. It is important to talk to clients about their color preferences and associations.

Chromatherapy describes colored lights that are thought to influence the user’s mood. Different colors have different effects. For example, to assist in relaxing, the bather turns off all room light­ing and focuses on the colored light (many may choose blue) from the tub, while practicing deep breathing and visualization techniques. Red is considered a stimulating color which is supposed to activate blood flow and would help a person taking a shower to wake up and get ready for the day. Several manufacturers have incorporated light choices into plumbing fixtures that can be controlled by the user (Figure 9.23).

Facials, Exfoliation, and Body Wraps

These are several beauty treatments that can be conducted at home. A facial involves steaming and deep cleaning the face, followed by a massage, a mask, and moisturizer. Exfoliation is a way to remove dead skin from the entire body. It can be done simply by using a loofah with a graining paste in the shower. Body wraps might involve wrapping the body in a hot tea-soaked sheet. Another skin treatment is a body mask of mud.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation has been suggested as a way to focus energy, reduce stress, and gain calm. Yoga is a specific technique for combining body movements, breathing, and meditation. Quiet spaces are

needed. Shrines or focal points may be requested to focus thoughts during meditation.

can enhance the bathing experience.

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