Other Equipment

Often other activities are taking place at the same time as exercising. Some of these are essential to the exercise experience, i. e., watching an aerobics video. Sometimes an activity to engage the mind is needed, i. e., watching the morning news. Be sure to record this information on Form 15. Some nonexercise equipment to consider:

• Equipment may be needed to play music for aerobics, dancing, or any exercise. Some people will use an MP3 player with head phones or ear buds to listen to music.

• A large easy-to-read clock may be needed for timing the exercise period or other activities. It should have a second hand, or count seconds.

• Mirrors on multiple walls can be used to ensure proper form.

• A juice bar, water cooler, beverage center, or small refrigerator could add to the exercise experi­ence by providing refreshment.

• A massage table or massage area may also be required.

FIGURE 9.17 The luxury shower Is conven­iently located adjacent to this exercise area with punching bag.

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Other Equipment

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