As the name suggests, a drawer stop controls how far a drawer can slide in or out. There are two basic types depending on where they are located on a piece of furniture. Inward stops are placed near the back and keep a drawer from being pushed in too far. Outward stops are installed near the front and pre­vent a drawer from sliding in beyond a certain point or pulling right out.

Подпись: INWARD STOPS: CARCASEDRAWER STOPSThere is a drawer stop for every piece of furniture. Inward stops are ideal for carcases with side-mounted drawers since they can be mounted at any point on the side panels. Outward stops work well for any piece, but they are simpler to install on frame-and-panel furniture.

Attaching an inward stop

With a band saw or saber saw cut a 1- to 1 Winch-diameter disk from a piece of scrap wood the same thickness as the drawer sides. Bore an off – center hole in the stop, then screw the disk to a side panel near the back. Set the carcase on its side and close the drawer. Loosen the screw slightly and rotate the stop until it just touches the drawer, then tighten the screw.




Preparing the drawer

Before gluing up the drawer, cut a notch for the stop on the drawer back with a table saw. Mark cutting lines in the middle of the top edge for a 1-inch­wide notch. Set the blade high enough so that the notch will clear the stop when you install the drawer. Screw a board to the miter gauge as an exten­sion. Aligning one of the cutting lines on the stock with the blade, butt a hand- screw against the end of the drawer back and clamp it to the extension as a stop block. Turn on the saw, hold the stock flush against the extension, and feed the two into the blade. Turn the work­piece around and cut the other side of the notch. Remove the waste in between by making repeat cuts (left).

2 Screwing the stop in place

Cut a drawer stop from a scrap board; make it longer and narrower than the width of the notch in the drawer back. To mount the stop, install the drawer and mark the location of the notch on the bot­tom of the panel or shelf under which the drawer will slide. Bore a pilot hole through the stop, then screw it in position (right), aligning its edges with the lines on the carcase. Do not tighten the screw all the way. With the long edge of the stop paral­lel to the drawer slides, install the drawer (inset). Once the stop passes completely through the notch, rotate it 90° so that its long edge is parallel to the drawer back.


Installing a stop on the front rail

Подпись:Подпись: Drawer 5MeDRAWER STOPSDRAWER STOPSCut a drawer stop from a scrap board. It should be long enough to extend below the front rail of the cabinet when one end is attached to the rail. To mount the stop, bore a pilot hole through it near one end. With the cabinet top off, screw the stop to the middle of the rail. Leave the screw just loose enough so that you can rotate the stop out of the way. Install the drawer. Once the drawer back clears the front rail, rotate the stop 90° so that it extends below the rail (right).

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