Because they completely cover the edges of side panels, face frames are ideally suited for plywood bookcase construction. Made from a contrasting wood, they can also provide a decora­tive detail. Cutting and assembling a face frame demands precision; the joints must be tight and the frame square if it is to fit properly and provide strength. Use the assembled carcase as a reference to measure the rails and stiles. Face frames are either glued in place or attached with biscuit joints as shown below.


Installing the face frame

Apply glue to the slots in the car­case and face frame and along the mat­ing surfaces. Insert the biscuits in the carcase slots, then set the face frame in place (above). Work quickly since the glue will cause the biscuits to expand almost immediately.


Clamping the assembly

Clamp the face frame to the carcase about every 12 inches. To apply pressure to the center of the median rail, use a piece of stock clamped to the carcase at either end with a shim in the middle (left).

Updated: March 10, 2016 — 3:36 am