The Weakest Link in the Chain Decides the Perceived Result

Budgetary limitations should not influence the choice of any link in the chain. In other words, attempts to save money could result in a dramatic decrease of the qual­ity and reliability of the different components. If this is the case then there is likely to be a reduction in image quality.

Maintaining image quality depends on several key factors. The amount of information can be adjusted according to purpose of the display. This means that the image and data content displayed on the screen can be made suitable to the needs of the operators. The designers of the control room can aim to optimise the balance between the size of the screen and viewing angles possible by the size and configuration of the room. Similarly, if possible, efforts should be made to control the field of view. Again this is a key feature of room design and layout, bearing in mind structural constraints and operational needs. It is possible to optimise image brightness according to ambient light level and also to optimise both the signal source and the display.

Updated: September 27, 2015 — 9:38 am