Cosmic Motors

in November 2005 when I v

it, I fell like I had landed on the moon. Two days later I ag­reed. and today you’re holding the result in your hands.

illustrate my designs and sets as photorealistically as possible in order to challenge the viewer’s mind. That are no fancy lighting effects obscuring the design, all of the details must be resolved. The vehicles, their interi­ors. logos, graphics, environments, names, figures, and

And all I start with is a blank sheet of paper.

>k. my mind has been full

Cosmic Motors

sible. My workflow merges two different disciplines. I combine classic drawing on paper, which follows the same

is constantly evolving. That creates a steady challenge, and I am glad to practice both disciplines.

go beyond the usual. I created a stage—the Galaxion Ga­laxy somewhere out there in space—and filled it with vehicles of all kinds. Some of these vehicles could fun­ction on our own planet Earth, but most of them rely on the physical conditions of places in this faraway galaxy. The cultural atmosphere there is very similar to ours on

ces. Like Earth. Galaxion citizens contend with their need to travel, their thirst for speed, their desire for com­petition, and their obsession with beauty. All of this is re­flected in its vehicles.

These days, as a professional car designer. I am training

lucky to work for some of the most exclusive car brands on this planet.

I see my work today as a blending of the two worlds I love: on the one hand, professional car design—with sensitive handling of proportions and passion for detail: on the

This volume shows the results of the challenge I created

of Design Studio Press. I also thank Syd Mead, probably the greatest visual futurist of all time, for contributing the foreword. His support is a big honor for me.

I hope Cosmic Motors inspires you. Welcome to my world.

.IN, AUGUST 2007

Cosmic Motors

Cosmic Motors

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