Is there to be a lobby area?

It is normal for simple types such as the single unit with no hand­washing facilities to open directly into the surroundings. In larger facilities with separate toilets and hand washing for male and female, there is usually a lobby-cum-circulation area inside the building, from which each toilet is accessed. One reason for including a lobby is to provide shelter when queues are likely to occur. Separate lobbies for separate male and female toilets are more acceptable than shared lobby areas next to unisex units. Other solutions include setting the doors to the respective units at opposite ends of the building so that they are out of sight of each other. A deep roof overhang for a lobby can give sufficient shelter without the lobby’s being part of the internal layout.

How is the space to be lit?

Low-level windows are not usually practical, nor do they ensure privacy. High-level windows (above eye level) or skylights are usually preferable. Light spaces always have a better atmosphere than dark ones. High-level windows can be set in the gable ends of pitched roofs or along the higher wall of a monopitch structure. Skylights work with any roof style. The interior can be open up to the rafters or can have a slatted ceiling, allowing natural light to reach the space below.

Is there to be a lobby area?

This design borrows from more domestic forms and materials: a tile roof, stucco, a dormer window/vent and steep roof pitch. It would be suitable where other vernacular buildings are already present.

Is there to be a lobby area?

Light and ventilation are important factors in design: (a) Light from windows set high in gable ends works quite well but can leave corners rather dark. (b) Skylights are very effective and maintain privacy. (c) Side windows leave much shadow and need to be of clouded glass, which reduces their effectiveness. (d) Ventilation needs to be at both

ground and roof levels to allow proper air circulation.

(e) High-level ventilation clears only the upper area, not the floor.

Artificial lighting may be necessary in some seasons, but it should not be relied upon as the main form of lighting.

Updated: October 2, 2015 — 5:49 am