Daily Activities of NPO Bank of Green Resources Daily Activities

Centered on the goal “Let’s make city greener with garbage recycling,” main activities of NPO Bank of Green Resources are to compost organic materials (such as kitchen garbage, rice bran, and dead leaves) and to revitalize the soil with their compost and take care of the flower beds in public places. Because Bunkyo Ward is located in the center of the congested city, the NPO has experi­enced difficulty in finding a site for their activities: despite the difficulty, they have established their organic recycling system.

Place for Composting

Since 2005, the NPO has made compost under Ochanomizu-bridge where the NPO and Bunkyo Ward entered into partnership for a compost-making experiment (Fig. 3.8). The Ward offers three wooden composting frames (3 x 5 m) under the bridge and collect leaves and grasses from parks and public green areas. The NPO brings about 50 kg of garbage from members’ kitchens, which was kept in a fermented mixture of rice bran to prevent decay and odor, and adds it to the compost frames. Several NOP members and some workers from a private company perform the work once a month as their environmental social contribution.

Daily Activities of NPO Bank of Green Resources

Fig. 3.9 Soil revitalizing and gardening at the Kasuga Intersection. (Photograph by Kato 2011.6.13)

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