Kougenn-ji: A Center for Local Activities Events in Kougenn-ji

In Kougenn-ji, various citizen groups participate in events and easily create networks.

The Annual “Houzuki Sennari Ichi”

One of the most awaited events in Kougenn-ji is the annual Houzuki Sennari Ichi, a Lantern Plant Market, on July 8 and 9 (Fig. 3.6). The market is held on the day of “46,000 Day Buddhist Service.” This market was discontinued once before, but Kougenn-ji invited citizen groups to resume it in 2001. The event is organized and executed by participants from the planning stage, and the cozy atmosphere is very popular for both visitors and participants.

According to the program in 2011, there are about 50 individuals and groups participating in performances and in the market. For example, there are ethnic dances, electric piano concerts, local drums, and other performances. Also, a variety of participants sell their handmade products in a kind of Flea Market

Подпись: Fig. 3.6 Houzuki Sennari Ichi, known as “Komagome, Okannonn- sama, Kougenn-ji,” is located on the northern part of the ward, where the old downtown atmosphere is still preserved. (Photograph by Kato 2011.7.8)
Kougenn-ji: A Center for Local Activities

(Kougenn-ji 2011). In 2011, the Houzuki Sennari Ichi had the special purpose of supporting the victims of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster. They have special programs for “disaster drills,” “cheerleading for the disaster regions,” and “A concert for Prayer for the Disaster-stricken Area” was performed; also, many participants sold their homemade goods and donated the revenue for charity to support victims of the disaster at the market corner.

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