REDD+ Current Status in Indonesia

The current status of REDD+ in Indonesia was obtained from reviewing secondary data. This section recorded the REDD+ development during the past 7 years and its strategy in Indonesia.

The emergence of REDD+ and the establishment of institutions, regulations, and information related to REDD+ from 2005 to 2012 are presented in Fig. 19.1.

UNFCCC COP 11 in Montreal. Canada (November – December): Introducing RED by PNG and Costa Rica

IFCA’s brief studies on REDD implementation

UNFCCC COP 13 ш Bali. Indonesia (December): Introducmg REDD

• Consolidation Report on REDD in Indonesia by IFCA

• National Council of Climate Change formed by President Regulation No.46/2008

• The Minister of Forestry Regulation No. P.68/Mcnhut-II/2008 on the unpienicntation of REDD demonstation activities (December)

• UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan. Poland (December): Introducing REDD+

• The Minister of Forestry Regulation No I3/Mcnhut-II/2009 on the Ministry of Forestry Working Group on Climate Change ^ Establishment

• The Minister of Forestry Regulation No. P. 30/Menhut-II/2009 on REDD (May)

> The Minister of Forestry Regulation No. P. 36/Menhut-II/2009 on the permission procedures of projects on carbon sequestration and/or storage in production and protected forests

JNFCCC COP 1 < in Copciih. iRcii. Dciini. ilк (Dcccinhei i_________________________________________________________

The REDD+ National Task Force (May 2010 – June 2011) REDD* National Strategy by UNREDD Programme Indonesia UNFCCC COP 16 in Cancun. Mexico (November – December)

• Website www. redd-mdonesia. org launched in April

* The Presidential Instruction No. 10/2011 on Moratorium of granting new license and improving natural primary forest and peatland governance (May)

* The Presidential Decree No. 25/2011 on REDD* Institutional Preparation Task Force.

■ The Presidential Regulation No. 61/2011 on National Action Plan to Reduce GHG Emissions

• The Presidential Regulation No. 71/2011 on GHG Inventory and MRV.

• The New REDD+ Task Force (September)

» UNFCCC COP 17 in Durban. South Africa (November – December)

* P.25/Menhut-Il/2012 on Technical Guidelines of REDD* Demonstration Activities for Berau Regency. Kapuas Malinau Regency and Kapuas Hulu Regency.

■ UNFCCC COP 18 ui Qatar (November – December)

Fig. 19.1 REDD+ emergence in Indonesia

Fig. 19.2 REDD+ strategy in Indonesia. [From IFCA Study (Ministry of Forestry 2008)]

The Indonesia REDD+ strategy comprises five key elements: reference emission level (REL) or reference level (RL), policy intervention, MRV mechanism, financ­ing, and distribution (Fig. 19.2).

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