Wind Power Plants Negative Impacts

It is necessary to point out the assumption that small turbines do not affect the surrounding environment. Larger turbines (with a tower height of 110-130 m) are considered as a problem with such parameters as noise, visual impact, collisions with birds and bats, and interference with the electromagnetic field. From the energy aspect it is a source dependent on weather conditions, power limited, and unstable. Positive Impacts

Cheap power supply: Wind parks do not require a larger area and in terms of land use are shown to be most economical.

7.4.2 Solar Power Plants Negative Impacts

Environmental impacts are linked to land occupation, change of landscape struc­ture, and landscape character. Another disadvantage is the strong dependency of solar power plants for effectiveness on climatic conditions, especially the intensity of solar radiation and the number of sunny days per year. Positive Impacts

The use of solar energy could be the cleanest way of energy use, and in contrast with other renewable sources, its impacts on the surrounding environment are lower. Direct use to produce heat is also another advantage of solar power plants.

Updated: October 6, 2015 — 12:43 pm