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Thin Flats

Philadelphia, USA

Plumbob LLC

www. onionflats. com

142 Thin Flats | Philadelphia | USA | Fig. 1 above | Fig. 2 opposite


Urban Canyon

Seattle, USA

b9 architects inc.
www. b9architects. com

Urban Canyon is a speculative housing development of seven homes designed with community living in mind. Although purely residential, the massing and shape of the buildings, along with the linked pedestrian walkways and shared outdoor spaces, generates the ambience of village life.

The buildings are carefully oriented to provide natural light and cross ventilation from a minimum of three sides per unit, whilst considering the privacy of the individual homeowners. To maximise the planned allowable density of the site, the largest mass is located at the corner, diminishing along the lengths of the streetscape toward the adjacent, existing single-family dwellings.

When the previous homes on the site were dismantled the bricks were salv...


Lavarack Barracks

Townsville, Australia

BVN Architecture
www. bvn. com. au

The City of Townsville, in the state of Queensland, is located on Australia’s north-eastern coast. The city is considered as the unofficial capital of North Queensland and is home to government and civic administration offices for the northern part of the state. Magnetic Island and the central section of the Great Barrier Reef lie offshore in the Coral Sea.

The climate is classified as tropical savannah. In winter, south east trade winds combined with Townsville’s east/west coastline produce less rain than in other tropical cities such as Cairns where the coastline runs north/south producing a lift effect and high rainfall figures.

Townsville’s development relies on the Ross River Dam at Five Head Creek as the major water stor...


Near North Apartments

Chicago, USA

Murphy / Jahn
www. murphyjahn. com

“The Windy City” may refer to Chicago politician’s ability to boast about their city’s merits. However, it is also true that Chicago’s winters are cold, and very windy. Harnessing that wind power through roof-mounted turbines is only one of the innovative technologies being employed at Near North Apartments.

The development, by Mercy Housing Lakefront, represents the changing face of the city’s supportive housing, following policy initiatives by Mayor Richard Daley. The project was designed to achieve a LEED Silver rating. Architects, Murphy / Jahn, combined pioneering energy and water saving technologies with functional architecture to enable the goal to be reached.

In aspiring to improve the quality of affordable housing in t...


Horizon Serono

Geneva, Switzerland

Murphy / Jahn
www. murphyjahn. com

104 Horizon Serono | Geneva | Switzerland | Fig. 1 above | Fig. 2 opposite

The task for Murphy / Jahn was clear; to retain the existing historic buildings on the site and simultaneously establish a new identity and continuity throughout the complex plot. (Fig. 1, Fig. 3, Fig. 5)

The strategically designed link between old and new structures is the ‘Mainstreet’. This lively element is open to the weather along its length and sheltered at one end by an immense transparent curved screen windshield. This screen protects a wide plaza which is also covered by a cantilevered steel and glass canopy roof and bordered by new glazed building facades (Fig. 2, Fig. 9).

The plaza is sheltered, yet open and breathable, as the windsh...



Palos Verdes, USA

XTEN Architecture
www. xtenarchitecture. com

Palos Verdes Peninsula in the vicinity of Los Angeles is renowned for year round sunshine. This abundance can be both a blessing and a curse on the Southern California lifestyle.

When it comes to maintaining comfort in the workplace, new strategies and innovative technologies are required. One of the biggest challenges is the one faced by developers looking to upgrade under-performing building stock and improve investment returns. XTEN Architecture undertook the renovation of an existing 30,000 square feet office building by using high efficiency fixtures and technologies to transform both the interior and exterior of the building.

The new green roof of the building provides thermal mass and insulates the interior from solar...


Ill South Wacker

Chicago, USA

Goettsch Partners
www. gpchicago. com

On the corner of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, a bronze marker in the pavement locates the spot where the U. S. Government built Fort Dearborn in 1795.

The Fort’s location, at the mouth of the Chicago river on the south western shore of Lake Michigan, made it ideally suited as a trading post during the nation’s expansion from east to west.

This early hub was the forerunner of modern Chicago which still routes approximately 50% of the countries rail freight through the city. Chicago’s growth from an 18th century trading post to a 21st century city of skyscrapers has been punctuated by many challenges and innovations...


Norddeutsche Landesbank

Hannover, Germany

Behnisch Architekten
www. behnisch. com

Hannover, is the capital of the Federal State of Lower Saxony and is situated on the river Leine. As a major commercial, business and administrative centre in northern Germany, Hannover was chosen as the site for the World Fair, Expo 2000.

Due primarily to its size, 75,000 m2, the new headquarters building of Norddeutsche Landesbank is located in the city centre between the commercial centre to the north and the residential districts to the south.

The street level area of the development is accessible to the public and occupies an entire city block. The plan (Fig. 3) shows City Hall immediately to the west alongside Maschpark, (sports and recreation)...


The New York Times Building

New York, USA

Renzo Piano Building Workshop
http://rpbw. r.ui-pro. com

Founded in 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones, The New York Daily Times was sold at one cent per copy. In 1857 the name was changed to The New York Times and, today, has the largest circulation of any local metropolitan newspaper in the United States. Only the The Wall Street Journal and USA Today exceed ‘The Times’ in overall sales.

Since its foundation “The Times” has been based in many locations in New York City, most notably from 1904 on Broadway in Long Acre Square, now Times Square. The Times Square headquarters is famous for the rolling headline news updates which are broadcasted to the street via a wraparound screen...


40 Albert Road

Melbourne, Australia

SJB Architects
www. sjb. com. au

The City of Melbourne, Victoria, evolved from the settlement of Bearbrass, which was established in 1835 on the Yarra river by Tasmanian settlers searching for pastoral land in the Port Philip area. In 1847, Queen Victoria began the process of altering the status of Melbourne to that of a city, by the installation of the Rt. Rev. Charles Perry as Bishop of Melbourne in the Cathedral Church of St. James.

Twenty first century Melbourne is derived from the original city grid laid out in 1836 by Assistant Surveyor, General Robert Hoddle.

The discovery of gold in Victoria and the subsequent influx of people in the early 1850’s ensured the rapid growth of Melbourne as a city, with a population of 140,000 being recorded in 1861...