Through these dealers. Joseph’s furniture was ac­quired by a glittering clientele. In France the Marquis de Brunoy bought a suite of furniture from Poirier before 1775 comprising a low cabinet and two encoig – nures (Louvre: Grog Bequest), the Duchesse de Mazarin’s sale in 1782 included a suite identical to the Brunoy one but in Japanese lacquer now in the British Royal Collection, and the Marquis de Marigny bought a commode in Japanese lacquer from Poirier in 1766 (private collection). The financier Beaujon

/2331 Bureau plat attributed to Joseph, identical to a bureau stamped Joseph formerly in the Kotschoubey Collection, с. 1745-49.1Musee du Louvre, Paris; Grog Bequest)

JOSEPH влимнликк

/234] Commode stamped Joseph, с. 1755, with floral marquetry in hots de bout on a tulipuvod ground: it seems to match the writing-cabinet /235/ which belonged to the Comte de Cobend, and may well also come
from him since he was known to hate purchased a commode of this type from the dealer Lazare Duvaux in 1756. (Toledo Museum of Art, Ohiol
1235/ Pupitre d (erne debout attributed to Joseph, c. 1758, with floral marquetry; it is without doubt the piece sold by І ліга re Duvaux to the Comte de

Cobenzl, Auslnun minister plenipotentiary, in Brussels in 1758. (Formerly Wildenstein Collection. Sale Sotheby’s Monaco, 25 June 1979, lot 141)

/236/ Commode attributed to Joseph, с. 1750, in Japanese lacquer, bearing the label of the marchand-mercier Francois – Charles Darnault; identical to a
commode stamped by Joseph rum’ in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. (J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu. California)

(2371 Bureau plat and curved cartonmer with glazed doors stamped Joseph, c. і 765, with floral marquetry in bois de bout on a tulipu’ood ground.

IMetropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Wrightsman Collection I

12381 (below) Bureau plat stamped Joseph, c. і 765, in Japanese lacquer; the gilt-bronze Jlat bands covering the whole length of the legs would seem charactensti*- of Joseph’s style. (Music du Louvre. Paris; Grog Bequest)

1239j (o|>|x>Mte) Secretaire a abattant attributed to Joseph, с. 1760, with floral marquetry in bois de bout on a tulipwood ground. Joseph made a senes of small secretaires identical to this example, several of which are stamped. I Formerly in the Currie Collection; Alexander & Bcrendt lAd. London I

owned a Joseph commode at the Klysee which must have been supplied by his architect Boullee. to the lat­ter’s designs. Outside France, besides the Comte de Cobenzl, plenipotentiary minister to the Austrian Netherlands mentioned above, there was definitely one if not more Russian clients: this would seem to be conveniently confirmed by the Russian provenance of several important pieces of furniture in the rococo style by Joseph (the cartonnier in the Hermitage and the bureau plat with its cartonnier in the Kotschoubey sale in 1906).

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