Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas, USA

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From empty concrete shell, the complete budget of design, construction and decorating was $250,000. Construction took place from February 2009 to June 2009.

The design concept of this suite was to create a dark twisted take on a library/cigar bar. The design features Wenge wall panelling cut into custom shapes and divided with silver, metal striping. The metallic-silver porcelain wall tile contrasts with the rich hardwood floors and gives the suite a modern feel – but the bronze – mirrored ceiling, croc-skin custom furniture, and giant hand-painted wall murals of girls and gorilla make this a distinctly dark, savage, sexy urban jungle.


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The intent of this design was to create a party suite with a modern, airy, Miami feel. The primary feature is a giant C-shaped bed lined with blue, imported Italian tile. LED rope lighting and mirrored toe-kicks beneath the bed create the illusion that the bed floats above the floor. Laid out like a party lounge, a solid – surface DJ table in "Milk Glass" foregrounds the second most noticeable feature: a wall of turntables and jam boxes framed in LED-lit alcoves. Additional features include custom – designed minimalist furniture, a custom, colour – matched rug produced in Sweden, floor-to – ceiling sheers, sconce lighting and mirrored ceiling niches. The primary challenge was a demanding timeline, as they had been hired late in the construction process.




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The intent of the graffiti room was to create a London-style, punk rock party suite. Bands of recessed mirrors and hand-painted lines in every direction, hand-painted wall murals, and spot lighting on the walls and ceiling pack the room with movement and action.

Stone-like grey wall tiles, black hardwood floors, custom modern furniture and a custom, handmade Union Jack rug complete the London underground feel.


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The concept of this design began with the concept of creating a hotel room with the illusion of a two-storey tree line in the centre. Starting from this feature, the hand-picked colours of tree branches were the basis for the colour scheme for the rest of the room. Hardwood floors complement the nature motif. Cream walls of textured tiles anchor each side of the room. To create contrast and clarify that this space is still a party suite, a rich blue band spanning from wall, to ceiling, to wall, divides the room down the centre. The blue mural features hand-painted smoke in dark blue, leaves and skulls in metallic gold, and LED rope lighting to illuminate the art.

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