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Kruisheren Hotel

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Located in the picturesque Kommelplein Square in central Maastricht, the Kruisheren Hotel is a remarkable conversion of a Gothic church and monastery, a tour de force synthesising the original 15th-century architecture and dressed – down modernism.

The 60 guestrooms are designed with different styles. However, in such a historic building, nostalgia would be an eternal theme. Large black-and-white pictures spread on the walls, demonstrating the cultural history of the building and the city to guests. A bright-colour palette is combined, integrating a metropolitan air with the historic building. The orange chairs and the brick-red wall represent the encounter of tradition and fashion.

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Hotel St Barth Isle de France

Every room is individually decorated with vintage French fabrics and sheer linens in pale natural tones which complement the indigenous colours of St Barths. This luxury ocean-front property houses 37 rooms, chosen from secluded cottages in the lush tropical gardens and beautiful beach-front suites facing the ocean with fantastic views of the bay.




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1. The suite enjoys cool breezes from the sea

2. The bed with four columns offers a retro style

3. The bathroom


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Two types of room styles were designed to attract both a camped customer as well as a retail clientele...


Hotel Skt Petri

Copenhagen, Denmark

Situated on a beautiful street in Copenhagen’ s quaint, trendy Latin Quarter, the Hotel Skt Petri is a fine example of superior minimalist Scandinavian design – with a warm welcoming glow. It’s a renovated 1930s department store named after the famous church nearby. There are altogether 268 rooms, including 27 suites.

Guestrooms are the most important part for the design of a hotel. In Hotel Skt Petri, every guestroom is to bring guests the most pleasant experiences. There are French windows or outdoor terraces for the guestrooms, so that the surrounding natural scenery is available. The guestrooms are comfortable and clear, where for every detail, function and aesthetics are both taken into consideration.




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Lecce, Italy

1. The bedside lighting and wall painting

2. The design of the room is simple yet artistic

3. The curve wall is quite playful

4. The decoration on the wall completes an artistic space

5. The curve wall is quite playful

The interior design follows "art hotel" concept and different designers have developed hotel room theme involving local furniture companies. In the rooms, Salento and design merge in a free interpretation of style; the designers propose contained dimensions that rarely, and in any case only slightly, exceed the standard minimum sizes. Freed from useless encumbrances, the rooms were planned on the basis of the real requirements of the modern traveller favouring functionality and comfort, and they are distinguished by the diversification of their furnishings...


Hospes Madrid

Madrid, Spain


Originally an affluent apartment house with wrought-iron balconies designed in 1883 by architect Jose Marfa de Aguilar, the handsome red-brick Hospes Madrid is an icon of Bourbon Restoration period architecture. So the Hospes Design Team needed to take special care that their modern additions were in harmony with the building’s historic elements.

The narrow windows and the floor-to-ceiling curtains naturally bring a classical and noble air. In accordance, the designers adopted some classical style elements to create a space that is classical and modern at the same time. The facilities in the guestrooms make you feel as if you are in a palace, being pampered as a king or a queen.

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Haymarket Hotel

London, UK

Haymarket Hotel is situated off London’s Haymarket in the heart of the theatre district and right next to the Haymarket Theatre Royal and just steps from Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery and St. James’s Park. A bold step away from cookie-cutter minimalism, Haymarket Hotel fuses contemporary and classical references in an ultra-central London location.

1. The living room

2. The guestroom is full of natural air

3. The fabrics bring a countryside feeling

4. The reminiscent cabinet in the corner is a key element

Guestrooms are individually furnished and feature custom-made pieces, avoiding the "designer formula" look and emphasising rich texture and colour. The colour palette and the choice of patterns are both aimed at the creation of enchanting amenities.




Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas, USA

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From empty concrete shell, the complete budget of design, construction and decorating was $250,000. Construction took place from February 2009 to June 2009.

The design concept of this suite was to create a dark twisted take on a library/cigar bar. The design features Wenge wall panelling cut into custom shapes and divided with silver, metal striping. The metallic-silver porcelain wall tile contrasts with the rich hardwood floors and gives the suite a modern feel – but the bronze – mirrored ceiling, croc-skin custom furniture, and giant hand-painted wall murals of girls and gorilla make this a distinctly dark, savage, sexy urban jungle.


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Golden Sands Resort by Shangri Penang

All the guestrooms are semi-open, each enjoying at least one open-air terrace. Guests could enjoy comfortable breezes in the guestroom. The white-toned guestrooms are decorated with bright-colour patterns, fully demonstrating the tropical warmth and romance.

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1. Family suite

2. You could enjoy the cool breezes when in bed

3. The scenery of the sea outside is part of the interior decoration

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Gastwerk Hotel

Seasoned hotelier Kai Hollmann turned Hamburg’s 19th-century municipal gasworks ("Gaswerk") into Europe’s first loft-style hotel as easily as dropping a "t" into its name, instantly transforming the complex into a "guest works".

The "old" rooms feature original brick walls and arched multipane windows that can be darkened with sliding panels of felt. Finest walnut wood trimmings, tall casement windows and unmasked concrete walls garnish "new" conference rooms and penthouse suites. Rotating propeller-headed ceiling fans pay homage to the many mechanical devices that once whirred away in the power station.

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Gabriel Hotel

Paris, France


The hotel’s Glowing Rooms and Suites provide their inhabitants with a variety of light and sound programmes that correspond to the natural stages of the human sleep cycle, giving users a peaceful and invigorating night. Gently curving walls and LED back-lit sliding doors assure mellow light and soft transitions. Guestroom interiors celebrate Zen minimalist charm in white and pastel. Linear furniture with cruise-liner portholes and curves creates a harmonious balance best expressed in the guestroom centrepiece, a vertical "cabinet" comprised of a mirror-hidden television, a folding desk and a mini bar. Signature ballerinas throughout the property add a whimsical touch to the dreamy 1930s feel.

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