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Design Boutique Hotel Sun House


The materials are quite agreeable and a lot of natural wood was used too. The colours used on the walls are mostly in warm brown tones. In opposition to the usual practice in the hotel rooms, this time the bathrooms and toilets are designed as a part of the entire space and marked off only with translucent or semi­translucent glass walls. An essential part of the suites’ integrated image is graphic design, presented either as graphic pieces



1. The green painting on the wall is a key element in the room, bringing vigour and liveliness to the space

2. The staircase links the living room on the ground floor and the bedroom on the first floor

3. View of the living room from the bathroom with transparent glass walls

4. The simple and clear guestroom



Central Palace Una Hotel

Rooms that give up onto "via Etnea" recover the topic of refined Mediterranean simplicity. The light comes to be the prevailing and essential element: white bed on an important wooden headboard embellished by a central majolica rosette. The internal design is based on ironic reinterpretations of classical furniture. Most indoor rooms allow the sight on a central patio that is treated as a Sicilian place.

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1. The lower level of the duplex guestroom

2. The duplex guestroom

3. The top level of the duplex guestroom

4. The guestroom in daytime

5. The washroom design style is typical of a holiday resort


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Becker’s Hotel

Trier, Germany


Becker’s Hotel is located amidst the vineyards and rolling hills of Trier, one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back to Roman times. Through the use of natural materials such as stone and wood, the property appears as if it almost nestles within its surroundings.

In the guestrooms, the stones give way to finely patterned dark wood floors combined with the glow of low spot lighting. A simple pane of glass separates the dark-tiled shower from the sleeping area, adding a hint of airiness to the otherwise earthy elements embodied in the hotel’s design. At Becker’s, German wine countr’s hospitality is writ large, but is certainly footnoted with a sophisticated, modern touch.

1. The dazzling black-and-white patterns

2. The suite



Guest Room & Bathroom

Guest Room & BathroomLocal architecture firm Denton Corker Marshall chose a minimal design aesthetic that offers guests a sanctuary from the outside world. The care and attention lavished on its clientele are obvious in Jakarta’s unconventional policies, such as the exclusive reservation for female guests or ample meeting space for savvy business travellers.

Подпись: Alila Jakarta Jakarta, Indonesia ЕРё^ШФ ШЙР&. Guest Room & BathroomAn Asian flair is evident in the 215 rooms, decorated in a lush yet soothing palette of dark red tones. Offering a pure and abstract design experience, Alila Jakarta is an exclusive and surprisingly isolated place to replenish your energy reserves. Each of Alila Jakarta’s rooms, suites and apartments feature, parquet floors, internet access and breathtaking views over Jakarta...