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ABOUT THE AUTHOR_________________________

Jack E. Ingels holds a Board of Trustees’ Distinguished Teaching Professorship at the State University of New York’s College ofAgriculture and Technology at Cobleskill. He is responsible for the College’s Landscape Program, which prepares associate and baccalaureate degree students for career-track positions with landscape firms throughout the nation.

Professor Ingels completed his undergraduate degree at Purdue University and his graduate studies at Rutgers University. His post­graduate training was at Ball State University. His fields of specialization include ornamental horticulture, landscape design, landscape garden history, and plant pathology. He is an experienced university educator, named in 2007 as the National Landscape Educator of the Year. He is also the author of Landscaping: Principles and Practices, currently in its seventh edition, another successful text in Delmar, Cengage Learning’s agricultural series.

EXTENSIVE TEACHING/LEARNING PACKAGE Instructor's GuideПодпись: Ethan Angell James and Linda Angell, Floral Designers Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University Matthew Bauwens, Landscape Architect Steven Beattie, Landscape Architect Steven Beattie Wendy Bemis Big John Tree Transplanter Manufacturing Brooklyn Botanic Garden


The following individuals devoted their time and considerable profes­sional experience to reviewing the manuscript. Their critical insights were a valuable component in ensuring the integrity of this text.

Cathy Haas Steve Mullany

Monterey Peninsula College Santa Rosa Jr. College

Salinas, CA Santa Rosa, CA

Tom E. Knight

Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, KY

The author wishes to thank the following individuals, organizations, and companies for providing illustrations or technical information for this textbook.

J. A. Buck, General Electric Lamp Marketing Department Carefree Garden Products Chevron Chemical Company Council of Linnean Society of London

Design Imaging Group Stephen DiCerbo, Illustrator Economy Label Sales Company Robert Emmons John Farfaglia Frank Ferraro, Jr.

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Cari Goetcheus, Illustrator Michael Herzog, Landscape Architect

Hewlett-Packard Corp.

Michael Horaz, Bonsaist Rodney Jackson, Photographer John Nicol & Associates Thomas Kenly, Landscape Designer

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Monrovia Nursery Company

The photographs for the eight-page Chemlawn.

Michael Montario Steve Mullarkey National Garden Bureau, Inc. Greg Perez

Scott Raas, Landscape Designer Solar Sunstill, Inc.

Jere Tatich, Landscape Architect 3M Agrichemicals Corporation Timothy Toland, Illustrator TreeTech Microinjection Systems TruGreen ChemLawn Corp. United States Department of Agriculture

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insert are courtesy of Truegreen


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