Grass seed is sold in small quantities through retail outlets such as gar­den centers, supermarkets, hardware stores, and department stores. It is also sold in bulk amounts through wholesale suppliers. Professional landscapers, park and recreation specialists, and other industry hor­ticulturists usually purchase seed wholesale. However, because most clients have had the experience of purchasing seed from a retailer, in which packaging, product claims, and prices can be very confusing, landscapers need to know how grass seed mixtures differ in order to explain to clients why a seemingly more expensive seed may be needed for the landscape.

The Confusion

Confusion often results from retail packaging with bright colors and names that seem to promise success such as Sure-Grow, Easy Lawn, Play Lawn, and Shade Mix. When these are stocked next to smaller bags of seed that cost twice as much, the untrained consumer predictably will be attracted to the one that seems to offer the most for the least.

Updated: October 4, 2015 — 8:12 am