Among all the crafts of ornamental horticulture, none exemplifies the application of science to the profession better than plant propagation. It is a craft that changes continually in response to new research find­ings; yet it respects the skills and techniques that only time, practice, and caring can convey.

This is a how-to chapter. It outlines the methods of reproducing plants that are practiced in various ornamental horticulture profes­sions. You should review Chapter 5 as preparation.

Propagation techniques are practiced by all types of ornamentalists. Homeowners are able to establish new plants from seeds and cuttings taken from the plants of friends. Nursery and greenhouse owners can

increase their inventories by various propagation techniques. Some firms become so specialized that they engage solely in plant propaga­tion, providing rooted cuttings, bulbs, or high quality seed to growers nationwide.

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