The landscape industry is composed of a large group of professionals involved with the design, installation, and maintenance of public and private gardens. In their work, landscapers require great quantities of plant materials, construction materials, chemical sprays, fertilizers, mulches, tools, and similar items. Wholesale nurseries supply the land­scapers with the necessary plants. Wholesale supply dealers provide the important accessory materials.

One of the frequent difficulties for a landscaper is finding plants, especially trees, of the type and size specified by a designer. Large trees and unusual species are often not carried by wholesale nurseries because of limited demand. There is a definite need in today’s nursery industry for operations willing to carry large plants and uncommon species (specimen plants) for use by landscapers. The market area and operating costs for such a nursery are much greater than for a more conventional wholesale nursery, which explains their scarcity.

Updated: October 6, 2015 — 6:32 pm