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The Lurie Garden

Landscape Design ‘ Gustafson Guthrie Ntchol Ltd. • Kathryn Gustafson, Jennifer Guthrie, Shannon Nlehoi I Location Chlcaoo. USA | Landscape Area 12.629m I Completion Year 2004 Chicago built itself up from marshy ongins and continues to nse ambitiously skyward. A refinement of nature and natural resources has accompanied Chicago’s willful development. Similarly, the site of […]

Frozen Symphony

Landscape Oes»Qn : 2US location Grund-eigwd. Betyum Completion Year ЛХЛ Under the smoke of Brussels industry lies a fairytale like estate called Grand Bigard The aim was to breath life in the neglected park by using a flower intervention. With more than 1 million tulips the existing qualities of tlie landscape were explicated. To make […]

Landscape Design Park

Sydney and Walda Besthoff 2^381 Landscape Design : Sawver/Befsnr. Architecture A Landscape Architecture. LL^ • J. Brian Sawyer. Tim J CW. mdo I Location : Louisimie USA I Landscape Area : 19.263*’ I Completion Date?003 ; Photographer Richard Seaton ► The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the New Orieans Museum of Art occupies […]