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The Lurie Garden

Landscape Design ‘ Gustafson Guthrie Ntchol Ltd. • Kathryn Gustafson, Jennifer Guthrie, Shannon Nlehoi I Location Chlcaoo. USA | Landscape Area 12.629m I Completion Year 2004

Chicago built itself up from marshy ongins and continues to nse ambitiously skyward. A refinement of nature and natural resources has accompanied Chicago’s willful development. Similarly, the site of the Lurie Garden has been built up over time. It has been elevated from wild slrareline, to railroad yard, to parting garage, to roof garden Lurie Garden celebrates the exerting contrast between the past and present that lay within this site.

Lurie Garden brings a new. public botanical garden to downtown Chicago...


The Elizabeth & Nona Evans Restorative Garden

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Landscape Deston ‘ Dirtwais. PC! location Ohio. USA I Landscape Area 1.1 t5w i ComoJoted Year 2004 I Photographer’ K. Dutei’

When designers turn their attention to special needs populations there is a temptation to focus on particu­lar, often restrictive aspects of the project rattier than explore the expanse of rich experiences and possibilities. Health and ill health are a continuum. Some of us have severe restrictions{like a wheelchair bound person with cerebral palsy), others minor restrictionsflike a baby stroller), temporary problems(like a broken foot) or progressive dedinefas with Alzheimer’s disease or aging). When we design accessible spaces we are designing not just for the disabled, we are designing for everyone, including ourselves...


Frozen Symphony


Frozen Symphony

Landscape Oes»Qn : 2US location Grund-eigwd. Betyum Completion Year ЛХЛ

Under the smoke of Brussels industry lies a fairytale like estate called Grand Bigard The aim was to breath life in the neglected park by using a flower intervention. With more than 1 million tulips the existing qualities of tlie landscape were explicated. To make the intervention as precise as possible we used a Baroc design-method With a few kilometres of rope and a car full of piquets we stitched the patterns one-site in order to make use of the multi­ple views given in the landscape. In the sequences of the gardens differences are created between chaotic, visual explosions and contemplative, minimal use of colour, together forming a frozen symphony.

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Landscape Design Park

Sydney and Walda Besthoff 2^381

Landscape Design : Sawver/Befsnr. Architecture A Landscape Architecture. LL^ • J. Brian Sawyer. Tim J CW. mdo I Location : Louisimie USA I Landscape Area : 19.263*’ I Completion Date?003 ; Photographer Richard Seaton

► The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the New Orieans Museum of Art occupies approxi­mately five acres in city park adjacent to the museum. Atypical of most sculpture gardens, this garden is located within a mature existing landscape of Pines. Magnolias and Live Oaks The garden design creates outdoor viewing spaces within this picturesque landscape...