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The Italian volcanic tile from Casa Piu

The brand new collection of a clay tile of Opus from the Italian company CasaPiu is capable to become an ornament and the attention center in any room. Scintillating golden, bronze and silvery inserts of an unusual big structure truly remind flows of >

Unique bedside table for books

Mobile small shelf for books and magazines. Beautiful addition to a coffee table. The unique design is developed in 1939 by the Penguin publishing house for own small books in myagenky cover. One more proof of the thesis: that the quite good design exists >

Furniture for the house from cargo containers

There is some charm at industrial, perfectly obmyslenny things. And here out of competition there are ordinary and simply known cargo containers, still they are called the sea. On our friendly blog about cottages to Ekotektura.Ra, there is the whole section >

Unique rack with illumination

Petersburg designer Tembolat Gugkayev and Target design studio developed book shelves with illumination. Regiments are illuminated by various flowers - books can be displayed on mood in coordination with the chosen color, not including that have the unusual >

Japanese step case dresser of Kaidan Dansu

Usual Japanese case Kaydan Dansa, appeared at the end of the 18th century and represents a combination of open shelves, drawers and sliding a dverok. Presently, such Japanese magic can be ordered and got in a web shop at the Green Tea Design company for >

Grandmothers regiments

In our post about unique book shelves and racks photo a great lot collected already. One more regiment in a collection: Beerd van Stokkumом developed by the designer Grandmothers shelf is made of steel but simulates patterns knitted a hook >