Свежие новости, происшествия Перми


Пермь новости сообщают, неисправность лифтов и падение людей в шахту лифта в последнее время стало привычным делом. Сегодня в пермском крае женщина с ребенком зашли в лифт чтобы спуститься вниз. Но видимо было не суждено и лифт не выдержав нагрузки с большой скоростью полетел вниз. Кабина лифта была приблизительно на втором этаже когда случился обрыв. Женщину и двух летнего ребенка в шоковом состоянии госпитализировали в центральную больницу города. Врачи сообщают угрозы жизни нет, женщина и ребенок родились в рубашке. Небольшие ссадины и шоковое состояние быстро пройдет. Но к сожалению в памяти навсегда останется эта неприятная ситуация. Именно поэтому врачи советуют пройти курс реабилитации у психолога...


Myagenkaya a sofa from separate pillows

The Scandinavian design group Kibisi develops not only only furniture, on the website of designers there is a lot of new and fascinating thoughts in almost all areas of daily human life. That we do, when we look for comfortable situation sitting on a >

Sofa from Versace

Seldom the furniture from this known brand therefore we will treat their Bubble Sofa or the Sofa bubble with the overestimated attention comes across to us. The main problem of a sofa, which is delivered with an upholstery a fabric (or in >

Iron baths from Axolo

Three designer Giovanni Rontsoni, Luis Frikherio and Fabritsyo Prozerpyo developed a line of baths for the Axolo company. The Italian baths two absolutely various materials combining in: stainless steel and a natural tree of a bath create invariable reminiscence >

Portuguese case

The young Portuguese design brand of Tusse presented in Milan at the i Saloni exhibition of tremendous beauty a case. The illuminated stained-glass windows and nielloed metal a framework. >

Magnificent table for the Cloud

The laptop is even easier than the desktop computer and it needs less place - these 2 factors it is possible to explain printsipny difference of computer tables for laptops and desktops. Nevertheless, any accompanying trifles, such as the charger, peripherals >

Laconic childrens furniture from Smallable

Ordinary and magnificent things for kids, including furniture for a nursery on the website Smallable. For example, a locker for measurement of growth and hangers at various levels. In comparison to rivals which was enough on pages of our website, Smolabl >

Rack under TV – make

Racks for equipment stand immense means, actually as a half of a modern flat TV set. It did not put! Ikea hakery thought and made a curbstone under a TV set of IKEA spare parts using for this purpose two oblong shelves. Left - in a design way and it is >

How to make a bedroom of cozy

Without quite good rest and a relaxation - cannot be and all the rest. Not the last role in it is played by a bedroom interior, a situation which accompanies our withdrawal to a dream. Lets look at a bedroom from the point of view of comfort and serenity >