Подпись:TOOL EXTENSIONS. AND TABLESПодпись:Подпись:TOOL EXTENSIONS. AND TABLESThe jigs in this chapter will allow you to transform portable power tools into small stationary machines and handle large workpieces on your stationary power tools more easily. The stand shown on page 105, for example, converts a plate joiner into a stationary biscuit-slot cutter, a more convenient setup for some operations. The router table on page 106 is essential for some cuts. Featuring an adjustable fence and a storage compartment, it allows you to set up your router as a mini-shaper. In a small shop, a removable router table can be attached to a table saw (page 107). The three-in-one tool table shown on page 108 can convert your router, saber saw, and electric drill into stationary tools.

Extension tables and roller stands greatly expand the versatility of tools like band saws and drill presses. See pages 110 and 111 for jigs that enhance the capacity of these tools to handle large workpieces safely. All the accessories fea­tured in this chapter can be custom- made to suit your needs, at a fraction of the cost of commercial versions.

Prill press extension table (page 111)

Attached to drill press to extend original table

Подпись: Vise extension stand (page 112) Supports free end of long board damped in workbench shoulder vise TOOL EXTENSIONS. AND TABLESRemovable power…

tool table (page 103)

Подпись: Adjustable roller stand (page 113) Set just below saw table level on the outfeed side to support long or wide workpieces - as they are cut

Holds router, saber saw, or electric drill upside-down for stationary work; attached to workbench with wing nuts for easy installation and removal

band saw extension table (page 110)

Fastened to band saw table to increase surface area


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