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A mini garden encased in glass, a terrarium makes an eye-catching display and is the perfect choice if you lack space and time for a real garden. It is easy to look after, so even better if you lack a green thumb.

■ TIME IT RIGHT Plant in spring or summer

when plants are actively growing. Plants should last 2-3 years without needing to be transferred to a larger container and can be kept smaller by pruning.



image99"Подпись: 1 Choose a transparent container and lid appropriate to the size of your plants, with room for the planting medium and growing. Terrariums have no drainage holes so, to keep roots from rotting, it is vital to include a generous layer of gravel to collect excess water. Use a spoon to sprinkle a thin layer of activated carbon granules (available from aquatic suppliers) over the gravel. This will help to keep the container smelling sweet by filtering out impurities. Wash the carbon granules first to remove any residue.


Project Steps



Next, add some planting medium...


Colorful Salad Colander

Sow red and green leaf lettuce seeds in a vintage colander for a stunning effect inspired by patchwork. It makes an impressive display at dinner parties where guests can cut their own fresh salad leaves.

TIME IT RIGHT Sow cut-and-come-again lettuce from spring to early fall and also through fall and into winter by using seasonal varieties. You should be cutting the first harvest in 4-5 weeks.


image76image77Batavia leaf lettuce Red leaf lettuce


Подпись: nimage79image80image81


Place your colander upside down on some thick cardstock and draw around the rim. Then draw another circle inside the outline, 34-1%in (2-4cm) smaller.

Within the smaller circle, draw your stencil design. Keep it simple; we divided the circle into four quadrants. Cut out your stencil, and keep all the shapes.


— Project Ste...


Gourmet Microgreens

Make your own mini windowsill propagators with plastic cups and their domed lids, perfect for growing a collection of tasty, nutritious microgreens in the smallest of spaces.

TIME IT RIGHT Seeds are best sown from early spring to early fall, when they will germinate quickly and you should be snipping leaves for salad in 1-2 weeks. Germination in winter willl be slower and more erratic.


beet ‘Bull’s Blood’ mustard green ‘Osaka Purple’

Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’ lots of strong-tasting plants are suitable for growing as microgreens, others to try include: radishes; herbs such as basil, coriander, and fennel; other Chinese greens like mizuna; and even less exotic vegetables like broccoli and kale


Wash your drink cups and lids thoroughly, leave to dry, then assemble the...


Tin Can Cacti Planters

For a taste of Mexico without leaving your garden, create a desert scene with architectural cacti and juicy succulents grouped together in bright food cans for an interesting table display.

TIME IT RIGHT Best to plant at the start of the growing season from mid-spring. Plants will last 1-3 years before needing to be repotted, depending on the size of the plant and can.


image53image54Aloe aristata Aloe brevifolia Chamaelobivia kawinai Chamaelobivia ‘Rose Quartz’ Echeveria agavoides ‘Red Edge’ Haworthia glauca var. herrei f. jacobseniana Pachyphytum hookerii Rebutia species Sedum ‘Spiral Staircase’ Stenocereus dumortieri


Clean the tin cans thoroughly before using. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of each can with an electric drill...
















Vertically Mounted

image38Подпись: TOOLS & EQUIPMENT cake pans in several sizes (make sure they are not the loose-bottomed variety) clear-drying superglue thick, clear acetate scissors spoon small gravel and sand in several different colors and grades florist’s ornamental Spanish moss (optional) pencil Velcro adhesive pads Подпись:Air Plant Canisters

Great fun and simple to make, these planted canisters look like miniature desert landscapes and provide a novel means of decorating a wall, fence, or even your front door with some quirky living greenery.


TIME IT RIGHT Late spring or summer is a good time to plant your canisters since air plants aren’t frost hardy. Put the canisters outside for summer, bringing them indoors from mid-fall.



Apply a small amount of superglue around one half of the outside rim of a cake pan. Be careful not to apply too much.


Press a rectangle of acetate over the glued half of the rim so that it covers...


Play Host to Wildlife

By selecting the right plants and creating habitats, even the smallest garden patch can become a special place for wildlife, attracting insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs that will also help you out by pollinating and keeping pests in check. And happily, insects seem to share our love of brightly colored flowers!

Подпись: J

Practical Checklist

Before you start to plant up your gardening space, get started with the right tools and equipment (see pages 244-5), and take time to learn about different plants and their needs
(see pages 224-43). Consider how much time you can allocate to looking after your plants; jobs like watering, feeding, and pruning. Here are some essential pointers to help you get started.

Подпись: Choose the right plants and containers, then just add your creativity for fabulous small space gardening.


Подпись: Г


■ Choose a container that is big enough for plant gr...


Customize Your Containers

Make the most of terra-cotta pots by painting them in bright colors and decorating with prints and patterns. Or try making your own containers: drill a few drainage holes and all sorts of charming vintage objects can be used for growing plants; while wooden boxes can be given a contemporary makeover by covering them with slate.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create your own stylish and contemporary planters out of simple concrete—give it a try!


Customize Your Containers

Transform terra-cotta pots with paint and decoupage decoration.


Customize Your Containers

Gardening in a small space shouldn’t restrict your ideas or planting opportunities. Accept the challenge and discover new possibilities!



12 Small Space, Big Potential

^“■"High Impact Planting

You may be surprised by the shee...


Garden in the Air

Look up! The space above your head doesn’t need to be bare, it can be transformed into a hanging garden. With the right plants and innovative airborne containers, you can plant ceilings, walls, railings, porches, and window frames with a whole range of flowering and edible plants, so that even the tiniest balcony or entrance porch can be blooming.

Kokedama is the Japanese art of hanging plants in moss balls tied with string.

Подпись: \

Air plants are perfect for growing in hanging arrangements because they don’t need soil to live.



Garden in the Air


Gutters and old picture frames make good use of vertical space, while wine boxes can be turned into a miniature greenhouse.




Maximizing Your Space

Even if your gardening space is tiny to nonexistent, you can still fill it with greenery and bring plants into your life. We’ve created over 40 inspiring and fun gardening projects that will add color, interest, and a “wow!” factor to your home, whether you have the tiniest courtyard, a balcony, or just an outside step.

Grow in Miniature

image11Подпись:image12"Small is beautiful, so think big and put eye-catching plants in unusual and interesting containers. You’ll be surprised at what will grow in a teacup, tin can, or kitchen utensil—all great sizes for placing on tables, windowsills, steps, and ledges for a miniature gardening world to enjoy inside and out.


Terrariums are miniature gardens enclosed in glass and designed to be easy to look after.