Tabletop Water Garden

This little container garden means you can enjoy a water feature in the smallest of spaces. Ask your aquatics supplier for advice on plants suitable for smaller containers and shallow depths of water.


TIME IT RIGHT Best to plant in growing season during spring and summer. Plants will last 1-2 years before needing to be transferred to a larger container. Floating plants may outgrow the space more quickly.



Carefully take plants out of their pots and remove as much soil as you can while minimizing any damage to the root systems.


To loosen the soil and make it easier to remove, you can also soak the plants in room temperature water.


«-Project Steps

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Keeping them separate, thoroughly wash the two types of gravel to remove any mud that would dirty the water. Add one type of gravel to the large bowl. Build it up on one side to create a platform for marginal plants that don’t set in deep water.


Once you have your built-up area of gravel, use clean pebbles to help hold it in place and to separate the two areas in your container.



Подпись: 6 Add the second, contrasting gravel to your large bowl on the other side of the pebble divide. Position a smaller bowl or container, also filled with gravel, on top of the built-up section of gravel to create the planting area for your marginal plants.


Подпись:8 Fill the container with rainwater or distilled water.

It will look cloudy at first, but will turn clear as the particles settle. Drop the floating plants into the water and decorate with more pebbles and shells until you are happy with the finished result.

Care Advice

Подпись: >tWhere to Site Place where it will receive 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, but do not put in direct sunlight since this may turn the water green. You can keep it outside in summer but do not leave out in freezing conditions.

Feeding and general care Use

Подпись: Occasionally, the water may turn green or brown from foliage decay. When this happens, empty the water out and refill as quickly as possible with rainwater or distilled water.release aquatic fertilizer capsule placed directly under the plant in early spring or at planting. Liquid fertilizers tend to discolor the water. Do not feed in fall and winter when plants are dormant. Remove any leaves or other debris, pull off any dead roots from floating water plants, and keep the water levels topped up. Try adding activated carbon granules occasionally, which remove impurities to keep the water clear and sweet smelling.

Kids’ Miniature

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