Terra-cotta Pot for Climbers

Create a vibrant and welcoming display of climbers by simply painting a terra-cotta pot in bright colors. We’ve used two colors here: a sunny yellow and a warm purple, with climbing poles in a soft gray.

TIME IT RIGHT You can paint your pot at any time of year, but in cold, wet, or freezing conditions, paint somewhere frost free and dry. Plant in early spring or fall so the plants can get established.


You need to seal your

terra-cotta pot first since the container is porous. In a small plastic container, mix up a solution of PVA glue and water at a ratio of 1:10 and then brush it all over the pot. Leave to dry for a couple of hours or overnight. Once dry, paint the top section of the pot yellow (you may need to do two coats), including some of the inside to below soil level, and leave to dry for a few hours or overnight.

Project Steps

6 Before planting, tie your poles together with garden twine near the top to secure them in a sturdy position, then plant your grapevine. Lightly tie the grape stems to the poles to

encourage them to attach. Then plant the honeysuckle—this will wind itself around the poles but needs some help, so tie lightly, too.

Care Advice

‘Watering and feeding Water plants regularly from mid-spring to early fall, and frequently in hot, dry weather— twice a day if exceptionally warm. It’s best to water in the evening and use a saucer underneath for extra moisture. Use liquid feed diluted in water every 2-3 weeks or put slow-release plant food tablets in the soil during the growing season. Do not water or feed from late fall to late winter. Never overwater.

General Care Keep your grapevine and honeysuckle contained by pruning above a bud in late winter, but remember that grapes have particular pruning requirements if you’re aiming for a good crop. When pruning the honeysuckle, try to encourage branching for shape and flower production. You may need to repot both plants after a few years to a larger container.


Updated: October 9, 2015 — 12:18 pm