Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

Family of designers (Milo and Ben) decided to decorate walls and here that from this left. In the beginning it should be arranged four posters, it is simple to hang up them on a wall – very sour invention, besides Joseph Muler-Brukman’s Grid Systems in Graphic Design was their desktop book – finally there was a unique grid on brightly orange wall which absolutely approaches to posters and serves them as an ideal background.

Here that told us It is pleasant in the purest Russian language though with small accent:

When my spouse and I decided to live in common, possibility to decorate the place, with our things, and with our taste was one of the most fascinating things for us. Allow me to tell to you, it was not simple. Even when at us were similar sense of style it not simply always I agree on everything. It is more difficult to make, both of us are designers with very certain sense of style. Generally Tkho, we, usually, is pleasant also the same.
The volume always was intrusive idea Joseph Muller-Brokman and when time came to develop our office speech there is no certain type a tribute should be paid. It not only only to reproduce on accurate sciences a unique set from 4 own posters Opera (very expensive to us at that time), but decided that they were going to hang up for a wall what to reproduce the known book of System of a grid in the field of graphic design.

Heavy problem, you ask? not absolutely. If at you is itself the governor, and certain you can make a vinyl tape it. The most difficult, for certain, clasping Barney violet that last owners chose. When we for the first time arrived in walls were not only only violet, but the carpet was pink. Yes, they were even a bright green leather sofa there. Whether it is magnificent not so? It was prompt and mutual decided that a retrodecor it was necessary. We painted walls Orange (2013-20) nectar from Benjamin Moore.

When walls were recoloured and by a floor is established that time for certain measurements came.
It is useful to you:
Vinyl tape
Posters or cloths
Grid Systems in the field of graphic design of the book or its image
Patience and step

1st step

You should know that you are going to hang up. Whether it be work or cloths of shots it is necessary to learn their measurements. We caught Couples of Ribba Ikea of shots in snow-white color.

Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

2nd step

You should get some rolls of a vinyl tape. As it is the temporary house for us, we do not wish to spend time for masks and tapes to a wall. Not including because strips so thin, we ran risk their blood. We received a vinyl tape or alternation an automatic conclusion. It 1/8 "at width.

3rd step

It is necessary to measure a wall and to make certain calculations. We had two sockets for consideration. You can paint them, but again, it was makeshift. It is necessary for you to learn, how many lines and how many columns. If you do not love arithmetics, it can be the most difficult part to you. Find out, where you wish, that work to hang up and make a grid on its base. They also should be, your main coordination center.
Our council: begin with creation of your general border. Further, work on distance and placement of vertical lines. After each vertical strip, check your measurements, keeping your shots in each place. You truly wish, that an explosion interval on before putting horizontal strips on. If you wish to have a rest from a roulette, you can use a framework as a template to make it more quick. Eventually, the provision of a large quantity of lines which will lay down in a work of art on top and bottom and to end with other horizontal lines, where accurate measurements not so essentially.

Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

Step the 4th

To note to a wall a pencil, instead of a marker so you can erase it with ease. The volume was his brother to promote it. It truly two persons work. You should be exact (it is Afterall grid) and level. Therefore make sure that you have everything the necessary tools under a hand.

Step the 5th

Laboriously adhere a vinyl tape to a wall. He can receive difficult, in particular with such longish slices of a film. Make sure that you have a help and patience tons. As you will make pair you receive to hang up it. You also can use tapes of the artist as a reference point.
Application vinyl is rather simple, as you can change it if it is necessary, but there are some things to keep in mind. For this purpose two persons are necessary for you to make it excellent. One person from each party for vinyl storage on yours a label pencil. The brother Tom was enough разлюбезен to promote it. It will be necessary for you to add a little tension in a strip to compel it to use directly to a wall, but be accurate not to pull very much very much. Traction vinyl densely gave us pleasantly, sharp strips but when we lasted certain of vinyl as they started to be applied to the contract and cleared of a wall. It is necessary for you to find balance of boundaries learned and very hardly. If you have a line on a wall, it is excellent thought to use something smooth, or a finger to rehabilitate tapes to a wall. Our wall, as well as the most part, was small a little structures, and we wished to be convinced that vinyl corresponded to a structure and had the huge area of a surface, strong to concern some glue.
Next council: only to put vinyl where it is necessary! We could simply the next roll contact exposures is required, but remember that you in fact should not be applied vinyl where he hides for your photoframe.

Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

Step of the 6th

Together with vinyl strips it was necessary to mount shots on a place. You can establish it in any case you wish, but we found, it was comfortable to use a way which allows us to move prints there and back. We established 2 longish screws certain screws in a wall for each shot (the puncher for this purpose is required, there is a lot of noise, and as a result of safety strengthening at our door try to close our project 10:00 of evening!) . Screws were an insert approximately in inch from the top corners of a frame, and we simply were at edge of a shot "hang" on heads of screws. Unlike ordinary shots which receive it is established on a wire hangs from one point in the center, our way gave us possibility simply to slide shots forward and back, on screws, to obtain faultless compliance with a network. You have less flexibility from one mountain, and you should expend a lot of time with way of tests and mistakes to receive fastening points on suitable height, to build with horizontal lines.

Be arranged more conveniently and be charmed.

Graphics on walls from a vinyl tape

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