Static layout

After the construction phase of the first Amstelveen heemparks, a crucial difference was soon found to exist between plantings with horticultural cultivars as used in traditional parks, and the vegetation created in the new heemparks. Plantings of the former actually have a rather static character; appearance does not change very drastically. In essence, its management aims to maintain the image projected by the designer as closely as possible. The designer thus has a strong and often long-lasting influence upon the layout. The planting as a whole complies with a rather clearly circumscribed scheme, individual plant species are restricted to their original positions, whilst the soil used meets the average demands they have in common. It is usually a well-drained nutritious leaf-mould rich in humus, its acidity varying between slightly alkaline and slightly acidic.

Updated: October 6, 2015 — 5:15 pm