Plate T-Type Joints

Plate T-type joints are used to connect board elements of the bodies of case fur­niture, in particular side walls, bottom boards and top surfaces with horizontal and vertical elements, as well as connecting elements between one another. This group of joints includes straight dowel joints, regular mortise and tenon joints, full spline mortise and tenon joints, sharp spline joints, full spline joints, fin unilateral joints, fin bilateral joints, spline joints and spline framed joints (Fig. 4.41). Plate X-Type Joints

Plate X-type joints occur only in places of joining of elements and interior walls of the bodies of case furniture, as well as places where honeycomb mesh fills of woodwork boards meet (Fig. 4.42).

Fig. 4.40 Plate L-type joints: a perpendicular dowel joint, b bevel dowel joint, c straight framed joint, d slant framed joint, e straight single spline joint, f slant double spline joint, g bevel spline joint, h straight spline joint, i straight dovetail joint, j slant dovetail joint, k semi-covered straight dovetail joint and 1 covered straight dovetail joint

Fig. 4.41 Plate T-type joints: a straight dowel joint, b regular mortise and tenon joint, c full spline mortise and tenon joint, d sharp spline joint, e full spline joint, f fin unilateral joint, g fin bilateral joint, h spline joint and i spline framed joint

Fig. 4.42 Plate X-type joints

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