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How to make a bedroom of cozy

Without quite good rest and a relaxation - cannot be and all the rest. Not the last role in it is played by a bedroom interior, a situation which accompanies our withdrawal to a dream. Lets look at a bedroom from the point of view of comfort and serenity >

Wall panels

How to make a housing interior unique by means of unusual design of walls? There are various methods, most economical of which - vinyl stickers for walls. The sticker, in particular if it is picked up to a place and with taste so very much entices to >

Cases and rest rooms with sliding doors

The main distinctions of shifaner of the Wogg company from usual sliding wardrobes a little: in - 1-x, it is possible to open separate sections of a case, and not just only all door completely; in - 2-x, cases can have the rounded corners (well and voobshchy >

Double chandelier of Twin

Such chandelier perfectly will be suitable for a kitchen or dining table and is capable to become one of highlights in design of your kitchen. The lamp in an original way looks and is comfortably regulated: lighting can be regulated on brightness and >