Category: Furniture of the eighteenth century

SOME TYPICAL OAKS or THE "WHIT*" CROUP,. called “lrucobalanus&quot

Burr Oak, Qurretu mactotuTpa, also called Mossy Cup Oak Diameter 6′-7′, Heavy; strong; tough; close-grained; strong in bending and end­wise compression; high in shock resistance; stifT; tendency to have cuchantcnmg; machines well; finishes smooth; glues well; tendency to split along the rays; very durable; dark or rich light brown. It ranged front New Brunswick to […]


Red Oak, Qitmws hvreatis Mich к. (Qwerau rtiira L.) Diameter 2 ‘-j H. Heavy; hard; strong; close-grained; usually sera і ght-gratned; strong in bending and endwise compressior; high in shock resistance; stiff; tendency to havecaschardcning; machines well; finishes well; average 111 gluing; some tendency to split along thr rays; light reddish brown. It ranged from […]

New England Timbers Red Си d л r, Junipenu Virginiana

Diameter j’-.i’. Light; dosc-graiucd; brittle; not strong; worts easily under tools; high in shock resistance; fine-textured; very fragrant; very resistant to decay; purplish or rose-red when first exposed, aging rapidly to a dull red or reddish brown. It ranged from New Brunswick to the toast of Georgia. іііаск Spruce, Picca mtrfana* Diameter rt’-ra’. Light; soft; […]