New England Timbers CONIFER TIMBERS

А в bo r vitae, Thuja addtnfaHs, also called Northern Whitt Cedar

Diameter а’-з’ Light; soft; brittle; very coarse to finc-prained; somewhat harsh under tools, but can tv worked to a smooth finish and holds paint well; faint bitter taste; pale brown. It rallied from New Etrimswiek to southern New Hampshire and central Massachusetts,

Ftp, Ahks baUamea, also called Нлкаш Fir

Diameter ii’-tS*, Light; soft; not strong; coarse-grained; pale brown streaked with yellow1; is used for sugar and butter tubs because of absence of objectionable taste. It ranged through northern New England and western Massachusetts.

Hemlock, Tsugatanadenslt

Diameter Лг-4 *. Light; soft; not strong; brittle; coarse-grained; harsh and splintery under rook; glues easily; uneven and frequently spiral-grained; light brown tinged With red. It ranged from NdVa Scotia to northern Delaware.

Jack Fine, Pima bitiksiittu^ also called Grey Pine

Diameter under 2′, Light; soft; not strong: close-grained; refractory under tools; clear pale hroW’U, It ranged bom Nova Scotia to coast of Maine, northern New Hampshire and Vermont.

Fitch Pinh* Pitms rigida

Diameter under уLight: soft; not strong; brittle; cow-grainsd; light brown or red. It ranged front Mount Desert, Maine, to southern Deb ware.

Red Pine. Pitnts rcsines#, also called Norway Pino

Diameter 2f~j’. Light; moderately soft to hard; high in shock resistance; works easily with rook; very close-grained; glues well; pale ted to orangobrown. It ranged from Nova Scotia to eastern Massachusetts.

White Pine, Ріпні ilrofciu

Diameter Light; nor strong; straight-grained; medium-textured: moderately soft; moderately low in shock resistance; works easily with tools; glues well; fakes pamr extremely well; lighr brown often ringed wirh red which darkens a great deal on exposure. It ranged from Newfoundland to northern Delaware.

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