How moss paintings are made

Today, Moss paintings are actively used to decorate residential and office premises. Such elements look very stylish and bright. The picture will become the focus of your apartment.

Advantages of moss paintings

We also offer you making walls from moss. They will be the perfect addition to your apartment, home or office space. We offer a really wide range of models that are made in completely different styles. So everyone can find a suitable option.

The main advantage that paintings from stabilized moss have is their 100% environmental safety. After all, only natural materials that meet international standards are used for manufacturing.

So natural moss walls can be installed in absolutely any room. It can be a bathroom, a bedroom or even a children’s room. Indeed, during operation, regardless of environmental conditions, such paintings do not emit toxic substances.

We also recommend buy a picture of moss if you don’t want to take care of houseplants. After all, stabilized moss does not need to be watered and fertilized. To make the plants look great, we recommend only periodically cleaning the surface of dust and other contaminants that accumulate on the surface over time.

How paintings are made from moss

To make a picture of moss, experts manually collect plants in ecologically clean forests. Specialists select only the best options for plants. Moss is sorted several times by hand, so that low-quality plants are excluded. Only certain varieties of plants are suitable for the production of stylish paintings.

Further, the plants are processed using a special synthetic solution. Thus, natural juice is replaced with artificial material. Thanks to this, it is possible to preserve the presentable appearance of plants, their structure and shape. So that in the process of operation there is no wilting of plants. They do not require watering and fertilization, so you do not have to spend money on care.

And so that the paintings always remain bright and saturated, special paints are used. They do not contain toxic substances, so the operation is completely safe. The color does not fade or become dull even after prolonged use.For the manufacture of the base, natural materials of high quality are also used. Such materials will last for a really long time without losing performance.

Here you can buy high-quality and stylish paintings at the most affordable prices. We can produce decorative elements of absolutely any size and shape.

Updated: December 15, 2022 — 6:59 pm