Category Lamps. Lighting devices

Levitiruyushchiye floor lamps

In Goodsie Internet shop it is possible to get the floor and desk lamps which highest part freely soars in space without any cunning optical effects and other covered tricks. The effect turns out because of the electric forces truly calculated and applied >

Desk lamp with an empty plafond

This desk lamp is fascinating that harmoniously combines in itself lines of a traditional working lamp, the lighting device with a glass plafond and the LED technology. Unusual originality is given to a lamp by absence to a usual bulb in a transparent >

Floor lamps of PENTA Light

These huge on the size floor lighting devices are developed by the designer of Gaia Bellavia. Both the lamp shade and a leg выдуты from smoky glass of various flowers and thanks to a special covering, not only pass light and reflect a surrounding situation >

LED a small lamp in the door handle

Lighting devices on light-emitting diodes do not cease to strike us with sudden places of own introduction. Here one more successful thought: if you leave for a door and is outside gloomy - take the door handle as a small lamp. Will return - will insert >

Unique chandeliers with figures

It is remembered at us there was a large quantity of posts how to make a lamp or the lighting device the hands. The designer of Chen Karlsson found very usual and effective way to make your lamp unique and inimitable - simply in a plafond the hole through >

The garden lighting device from ceramics

The Spanish industrial designer of Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte, to chagrin, practically knows nothing about the creation - to a lamp for external lighting Sponge unique that all of us we know from animated cartoons of Sponge is a sponge. >

Light through lace. Floor lighting devices

The Italian brand of Fiorentino let out a series of luxury floor lamps of Raffaello - lighting devices are covered with handwork lace. Myagenky golden light getting via the lamp shade gives the romantic atmosphere to a surrounding place. >

Lighting Shark device

This unique lighting device from snow-white opaque glass was developed by the Ukrainian designer Alexander Mukomelov. The collection is already started in creation (in Germany) and will be available at first 2012. >