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Songdo Neighborhood Parks

2nd & 4th Development Zone $E2 ^ Landscape Design : Yooshin Enoineenno Corporation I Location. Incheon. Korea I Landscape Area : 1.379.930r I Design Year: 2001. 12-2003 12 Songdo is aimed at becoming a well-developed new aty in compliance with internalization arid information advance so it can be bom as information, metropolitan and environmentally friendly […]

Parco DelleTorri

lanoscapc Desipn ’ 2A+P urch toitu»u • Gianliunco ВотЬжя. Domenico CormisUdC’ Pietro Chtodi. Muituo Coslan/o. Votaio Praruone. Lorenzo Castaunoii I location. Rome *:aly I Landscape Area 460.000г- | Desion Year 2006 This project starts from a participating process involving the teen-agers living in the area. The aim was to fo cus on tl»e main problems […]

Park Strijp

Landscape Design West Й irrwn design & tiindacHc-h uictiltcctUiB I Location ‘ Eintihovun Nelheriand* I Landscape Area 428.211 m I Design Year ■ 2001 Completion Year. 2Cv2-20i0 The urban development of Park Strijp focuses on the revitalization of the Philips Company’s former industrial and business complex. The concept of Park Stnjp is that the once […]

Lugar Especifk

Landscape Design. ?A+P arcMtetiura • Gianfranco BnrrbarJ. Domenico Cannlstiad, Ptetro Chlodl, Matter) Cost m? o. Vnlorio fraivon»» | Location Calnf, Spain | Site Area ‘ 400с I Design Year – 2006 This is a participated design project on tlie lose of identity of Calaf, a fast growing village of Catalonia. It in­volves its elderly population […]


Landscape Doslpn : ZUS I Location Rotterdam. Netherlands | Site Area : 100.000*. I Design Year. Z004-2005 The ongmal spatial dynamic of Lotte Stam-Beese defining 11 slabs configured around a park has in this plan been transposed to the contemporary context in which the connection has turned east/west in stead of north/south. The new park […]