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Jirisan(Mt.) Wild Plant Environment Park

Landscape Design : Group Han Or ud | Architecture Desion : Doloo Architects (. Engineer-., location : Jc-onlobuk-do Nainwon. Korea ; Sito Area ■ 157.478г.1 ! Landscape Агва 132,148 г I Architecture Area 8,184иг | Otdorar Namwon-si

Jirisan(Mt.) has embraced an environment park for native plants in an area wrecked by the development of a ranch Therefore it can be utilized into creating and developing a new tourism resource such as an ecology tour for native plants while restoring the damaged ecosystem.

The design stems from fhe basic concept from a poem named ‘Flower1 by Kim. Chun-Su. in which he defined the main link between humans and nature as a way of imposing a special meaning on each other, creating a brand new relationship...


Haenam Flower Garden Tourist Complex omsimsxi

Landscape Design Sungho Engineering Co..Ltd. I Site Area >1 ПЛ0 ООО г. I Location : Jeoninnam do Haenarn, Korea

Haenam Flower Garden Tourist Complex is to be developed by the Ministry of Tourism as a grand scale multi-functional tourism complex scheduled to be built in Haenam Flower Garden peninsular followed by Kyongju Bomun complex and Jeju JungMun complex. It is designed to build a golf course, the marina and large-scale ac­commodations in order to attract visitors with the maximum utilization of a rias coast

This new concept design is drawn on only limited part of landscape architecture on the basis on the existing mater plan and it is the first exemplary case ever tried in South Korea...


Songdo Neighborhood Parks

2nd & 4th Development Zone $E2 ^

Landscape Design : Yooshin Enoineenno Corporation I Location. Incheon. Korea I Landscape Area : 1.379.930r I Design Year: 2001. 12-2003 12

Songdo is aimed at becoming a well-developed new aty in compliance with internalization arid information advance so it can be bom as information, metropolitan and environmentally friendly city. To meet up this goal, the necessity of a new type of a aty park has been emerged. In this regard, the attention on a neighbortiood park in the 2nd and 4th industrial complex, which functions as the center of the cutting-edgy industrial park, specialized in infor­mation-based technology.

The planning of landscape architecture in the 2nd and 4th industrial complex has been grounded on the fact that this should be used as an open sp...


Hwaseong Dongtan Neighborhood Park wasaea

Location : 6yeonooi~do Hwasoong. Коим I Landscape Area • 1 .597.581 т.- I Design Yeai: 2004 8-2D05.8 I Completed Year: 2001 2007

Hawseong has traditionally inherited a 3 main concept of allegiance, filial piety and decorum, and known as я coexisting of past and future while accommodating an industrial complex of producing semiconductors. Not only that, the greenery axis crossing Bansuksan and Guebongsan is recognized as a natural treasury for abundant plants and animals by providing them a habitat. With the maximum utilization of this merit. Hawsung has made a success to turn itself into a cutting-edgy new city, which fosters high technology and value-added industry while maintaining tlie vitality of nature and ecosystem.

The design of Dontan Park is to establish an environmentally...


Hwaseong Dongtan PF Business-Metapolis

Landscape Design ; GA-ONE I ocatlon. Kyononl*- Jo Hwosoonu Korea Silo Aroa ‘ 95.’.«»8r і Landscape Area A-BJock 2,99/г. ti Block

OrcJerer ‘ Kc*ea Land Cotpomltcn

Hawsung Dontan PF scheme suggests the direction of a new city development plan by shaping a landmark for its representative city symbol at Hie center of the newly developed city. For multiple purposes of usage in con­sideration, this new city center will establish the metropolis by developing a space that is well harmonized between life and culture while linking tire functions in a physical and functional manner.

Hawsung Dongtan PF scheme will play a role to create a digital theme park, which will be the center of Hawsungn Dongtan area as the axis of greenery connecting Gwibongsan and Bansunksan...


Parco DelleTorri

lanoscapc Desipn ’ 2A+P urch toitu»u • Gianliunco ВотЬжя. Domenico CormisUdC’ Pietro Chtodi. Muituo Coslan/o. Votaio Praruone. Lorenzo Castaunoii I location. Rome *:aly I Landscape Area 460.000г- | Desion Year 2006

This project starts from a participating process involving the teen-agers living in the area. The aim was to fo cus on tl»e main problems and on the common imaginary of the inhabitants. During workshops the teen-agers de­veloped a series of flyers to communicate to the citizens the main concepts of the project. We believed that the teen-agers, because of their role in the community were the people with a special knowledge of tire area, of the people living in it and of their necessities.

The whole park is considered as a system growing through the time and the proj...


Foshan City Park and Waterfront Park

Landscape Design : ASPECT Studios | Location – Foshan, China : Site Area ‘ t.490,/1 On | Landscape Area 1.043.497га* I Design Year 2004

Foshan is a city famous for its production, innovation and industry. This reputation for innovation has gener­ated a design response, which embraces new technology in a sustainable way The design for the Foshan Central and Riverside Park creates an environmental machine and will provide a world-class urban park system that estab­lishes a new international benchmarks for the provision of urban landscape space. The scheme generates a stronger identity for the city and strengthen its position as an international city. This park will act. not only as a world class cultural and sporting facility, but as an environmental machine...


Park Strijp

Landscape Design West Й irrwn design & tiindacHc-h uictiltcctUiB I Location ‘ Eintihovun Nelheriand* I Landscape Area 428.211 m I Design Year ■ 2001 Completion Year. 2Cv2-20i0

The urban development of Park Strijp focuses on the revitalization of the Philips Company’s former industrial and business complex. The concept of Park Stnjp is that the once socially thriving compound should serve as a new public/urban domain to live, work and play by combining existing buildings with new estates.

Within Park Stnjp the core is designed with a central esplanade, the ‘Torenalle’, or translated ‘Tower Alley’, a sixty – meter wide urban axis through the complex.

Tower Alley’ will serve as the new icon of public space for the city of Eindhoven...


Lugar Especifk

Landscape Design. ?A+P arcMtetiura • Gianfranco BnrrbarJ. Domenico Cannlstiad, Ptetro Chlodl, Matter) Cost m? o. Vnlorio fraivon»» | Location Calnf, Spain | Site Area ‘ 400с I Design Year – 2006

This is a participated design project on tlie lose of identity of Calaf, a fast growing village of Catalonia. It in­volves its elderly population solving one of the main problem of this place: what do the elderly people do during the day?

In the centre of the small village of Calaf. hidden by high walls, there’s a secret garden whose existence is un­known to the most. At the crossing between Calle Teixidor and Paseo Santa Calamanda, exactly on the border be­tween the ancient part of the city and the new one, there’s a place where tall trees wave their tops between the houses...



Landscape Doslpn : ZUS I Location Rotterdam. Netherlands | Site Area : 100.000*. I Design Year. Z004-2005

The ongmal spatial dynamic of Lotte Stam-Beese defining 11 slabs configured around a park has in this plan been transposed to the contemporary context in which the connection has turned east/west in stead of north/south. The new park structure forms the decor for 16 ‘collective terps’, which individually orientate on a site-specific way to the park-zone. Each collective enclave is specified by a characteristic public space that will contribute to the even­tual character of tl>e collectivity. In order to express the tensional relation between the park and the collectives a translucent skin is wrapped around each enclave and also opens up on sights and connections.

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