Jirisan(Mt.) Wild Plant Environment Park

Landscape Design : Group Han Or ud | Architecture Desion : Doloo Architects (. Engineer-., location : Jc-onlobuk-do Nainwon. Korea ; Sito Area ■ 157.478г.1 ! Landscape Агва 132,148 г I Architecture Area 8,184иг | Otdorar Namwon-si

Jirisan(Mt.) has embraced an environment park for native plants in an area wrecked by the development of a ranch Therefore it can be utilized into creating and developing a new tourism resource such as an ecology tour for native plants while restoring the damaged ecosystem.

The design stems from fhe basic concept from a poem named ‘Flower1 by Kim. Chun-Su. in which he defined the main link between humans and nature as a way of imposing a special meaning on each other, creating a brand new relationship. This place has evolved into a new tourist attraction with a distinguished merit in which tourists build up attachment to flowers by calling out and memorizing the names of flowers that they appreciate. This is grounded on the belief that we can see as much as we can feel

This theme park is made up of the exhibition area of native flowers, experience-oriented area and thematic well-be­ing garden. As of the exhibition area of native flowers, it consists of 5 small villages where visitors will have the first­hand experience of understanding kinds, shapes, and characteristics of flowers with basic knowledge on them and their utilization on the daily life. The thematic well-being area is composed of the exhibition room with motive of mythology and legend, hiking walks with the story of herbs as well as an expenence-onented area where visitors can feel different species of herbs and green tea Through the space planning with motives adapted from the ridge line of Baracbong and gorge configurations, it has made success in transferring native plants widespread across Jansan(Mt) in a symbolic and ecological way. On top of this, rt is directly and indirectly connected with a royal aza­lea blossom festival by preserving the colony of them in the open area.

As above, the design of this park suggested an alternative how organically a fierb valley can not associated with. In this regard, it came to a point to establishing a local tourism network with high standard and sophistication by mak­ing up with limitations of multilateral aspects that the existing historical and tour-oriented resources that Namwon owned.







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