Moss painting production in Holland

We have a wide range of moss paintings that you can purchase at the most affordable prices. Such decorative elements are the best option for decorating your apartment, private house or even office space.
What are moss paintings
We can make moss walls. For production, our specialists use only specialized plants that are harvested in ecologically clean forests. As a result of processing, the moss retains its visual appeal, shape and structure. Plants have a deep natural color that lasts for a long time.
Also, paintings made from stabilized moss do not require special care. Since natural juices are replaced by special solutions. As a result, all vital processes stop, so that the moss does not need to be watered or fertilized. Even without special care, the plants retain a presentable appearance, they do not wither and do not dry out.
If you add moss products to the interior, you can make the atmosphere more cozy and comfortable. This design option looks very fresh and stylish.

Advantages of moss paintings
We recommend that you order walls made of natural moss. Such products have a huge list of advantages. The main reason why such products are very popular is their environmental friendliness. After all, only natural ingredients that meet all international quality and safety standards are used for production. Such products are suitable even for people prone to allergic reactions. After all, all components are hypoallergenic.
And the natural appearance allows you to integrate such elements into almost any interior. So you can buy a picture of moss for arranging any room. We offer our customers a wide range of products, which are made in an assortment of colors and shapes. After all, the paintings can be made in absolutely any color. The customer can choose an option from the catalog, because there are many models. But we can also make a custom-made painting and unique measurements.
Such paintings will last at least 10 years, without losing either in terms of appearance, but also in terms of performance. So you can forget for a long time that you need to do repairs.
We offer to order moss products at very affordable prices. Managers of our company will help you to place an order. They will help you choose the best option and place an order.