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Myagenkaya a sofa from separate pillows

The Scandinavian design group Kibisi develops not only only furniture, on the website of designers there is a lot of new and fascinating thoughts in almost all areas of daily human life. That we do, when we look for comfortable situation sitting on a >

Sofa from Versace

Seldom the furniture from this known brand therefore we will treat their Bubble Sofa or the Sofa bubble with the overestimated attention comes across to us. The main problem of a sofa, which is delivered with an upholstery a fabric (or in >

Easy semicircular banketka from LOUIS

Banketka - a couch version, an easy oblong bench without a back and lokotnik, with a myagenky upholstery, had in the beginning 8 legs. For the first time appeared in France and till this moment Frenchmen remain fashion-makers in this area. Banketka >

Sicis Next Art Furniture – a decadence and a fantasy

With chair in a floret today you will surprise nobody, another matter when the chair and is a flower is perfect. Charles Tolomeos designer represents an authors collection of furniture for Sicis Next Art which will transfer you to the sublime >

Gothic leather furniture

What it is represented to us, when we hear leather furniture? There can be a pathos office of the managing director or there can be a traditional powerful leather chair with a smooth shining surface. Absolutely other authors furniture of >

Modular furniture of Stadtnomaden

The German company Stadtnomaden based in Stuttgart, developed something bigger, than some lines of modern furniture, quicker, their designers developed a uniform approach to production of comfortable functional furniture. Whether it be the bed, a sofa >

Sofas with a photo printing

With development of equipment of the large-format press on various surfaces arises more and more abilities to make the furniture rather unique and reflecting your feature. If earlier it was a question generally of an ornament of walls photo wall-paper >

Sofa shed and prestigious table from starenky boards

In a post Shabby chic we wrote about furniture from starenky boxes, road symbols and other stuff. Designers of the Swedish studio North on Sixty act more purposefully: they find the starenky thrown sheds and assort them on boards (at them >

Sofa with an electromotor

There is an outlook that human laziness - the main cursor of progress so there were remote panels for a TV set and a large quantity of things without which we do not represent our daily life. The furniture company Campeggi developed a being displayed >

Choice of a sofa

In this post we will collect unique and simply noteworthy sofas of various models. Though on this step they can be got or ordered only on the website of the producer abroad, but on the last measure, it is possible to behold and realize, what it can be >