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Exhibition of new works of Karim Rasheed

Extensively recognizable which designer Brown Rasheed of work more than once appeared on pages of ours бложика holds an individual exhibition of own works in Tina Kim Gallery gallery in New York. The founder called the exposition An unplanned brutalism >

Modern rocking-chair with LED illumination

While we here with you pined with a heat the designer of Shawn Kim invented a rocking-chair printsipno the latest design. Not including pleasant and weakening rockings, the chair transfers your movements to electronic energy with which feeds built-in >


Two designers of Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc show all power of Industrial style. The chair the Bulldozer was presented by them on New of York 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fain and as designers say was the first subject which creates >

Rocking-chair for two

At us on the website many posts about transforming furniture, usually, the thing gains additional functionality, for example a desk in folded form, and in the spread out - a folding bed. The designer of PAUL KWETON thought not only only over people and >

Office rocking-chair

Yesterday we had a post about ergonomic office chair, for fans to doze. Now its equal contrast - office chair for power exercises (see video). In principle, chairs perfectly supplement the friend to the friend: dozed, went rocked. The main thing, dear >

Office chair on karbonovy base

About office chairs in what comfortably not only only to work and have a rest we somehow wrote. The designer of Peter Vardai made a transforming chair on a karbonovy skeleton, overturning which it is possible and to work and have a rest, is dependent >

Office chair bed

Inhabitants of the country of a rising sun strongly work much, carrying out on work for 12-14 hours, for certain, here therefore the chair of Lay Flat appeared specifically at them. The chair ergonomic, and if earlier we wrote about chairs >

Collection of furniture of Steam

If wood laths to take under the ferry (the collection not casually is called as Steam - steam) they become plastic and appeasable and from them it is possible to curve actually anything. The original skilled worker to bend furniture the Korean designer >