Seaside Terraces Terrassen am Meer Terrasses face a la mer Terrazas en el mar Terrazzi sul mare

The distant horizon, the expansive panoramas, the absence of close neighbors and the predominance of the blue sea are the main features of these ter­races, which tend to have a marked horizontality in their design, furthermore, they are generally outdoor spaces that need to be protected from weather conditions, such as burning sunshine, the presence […]

Terrazzi in campagna

In rural areas, the tendency to inhabit spaces outside the house becomes more apparent. Many activities typical of a country home, such as looking after plants, picking fruit and, in many cases, rearing animals, demand living spaces that are set outdoors. Furthermore, the big available land makes it possible to design very large terraces that […]

. Urban Terraces Terrassen in der Stadt Terrasses dans la ville Terrazas en la ciudad Terrazzi nelle citta

City terraces, of whatever size, are perhaps the most introverted of all due to the density of the urban fabric, the closeness of neighbors and the unappeal­ing views. This kind of designs, more than any other, seeks to hide eyesores, protect residents’privacy and provide a framework for the more interesting vis­tas available. As many such […]


II rapporto che esiste tra lesterno e I’inter – no di un’abitazione ё un tratto determi – nante del carattere di ogni costruzione. I terrazzi sono dementi chiave per far si che gli spazi abitativi acquistino una dimensio – ne рій ampia, рій profonda e aperta. Sin dalle stesse origini della casa, nelle costru – […]