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Portuguese case

The young Portuguese design brand of Tusse presented in Milan at the i Saloni exhibition of tremendous beauty a case. The illuminated stained-glass windows and nielloed metal a framework. >

Magnificent table for the Cloud

The laptop is even easier than the desktop computer and it needs less place - these 2 factors it is possible to explain printsipny difference of computer tables for laptops and desktops. Nevertheless, any accompanying trifles, such as the charger, peripherals >

Laconic childrens furniture from Smallable

Ordinary and magnificent things for kids, including furniture for a nursery on the website Smallable. For example, a locker for measurement of growth and hangers at various levels. In comparison to rivals which was enough on pages of our website, Smolabl >

Weightless dresser

That in a dresser it is more important - boxes or walls. The Japanese designer of Keiji Ashizawa decided that the main thing boxes and was made by a dresser unlike others. Boxes from smooth nothing the processed tree freely soar one over another, sliding >

Unique boxes the hands the

Many of us have houses these ordinary and comfortable (and the main thing, cheap) boxes from our beloved of shop of Ikea. - the thought from the website of Ikeakhakers can be necessary for those who holds them on a look and to whom their sour look bothered >

Modular furniture. Racks from boxes

Books, papers and documents very comfortably to store in the boxes suitable on the size. But what to do if boxes boxes it is a lot of, truly to rearrange their every time in search of the suitable. The usual and excellent exit offers Brickbox - collapsible >

Easy book shelves

In our collection of unique shelves and racks. The Italian designer of Bashko Trybek from Milan developed book shelves. Ordinary, windy and almost weightless. From the first look even not absolutely clearly why they do not fall. >

Angular shelf

Martin Karpelans designer develops and realizes in the web shop any pleasant trifles connected with an interior. Our attention was enticed by the angular shelf. It seems absolutely usual thing, it is possible to consider, pair of wood laths, but specifically >

Folding beds. Various models

The post about folding two-story beds became very popular - it and is clear how still to save up a place in our rather small apartments. We continue a subject and we represent to your attention sample of the Italian company Colombo. Folding beds of this >