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Elastic stool

As of an ordinary wood stool to make myagenky furniture reflected once at a leisure Caroline Laros furniture designer. Well, tree rigid, but after all but tree flexible … Result of such thoughts - excellent a line of chairs and The Spring Wood >

Double chandelier of Twin

Such chandelier perfectly will be suitable for a kitchen or dining table and is capable to become one of highlights in design of your kitchen. The lamp in an original way looks and is comfortably regulated: lighting can be regulated on brightness and >

Design of modern kitchen; form and content

Give in this post, dear colleagues, we will collect examples of kitchens of unusual design, or at least though in what or good from the usual. Skyline Lab kitchen from the Italian company Snaidero becomes our first example. The company exists since 1946 >

Tile on an apron for kitchen

If to collect and list recent trends in a fashion on a tile for a kitchen apron, it is possible to allocate 3 obvious trends: - the tile is in addition broken into small segments, and, looks such uniform mosaic without seams and connections; - it is a >