Category Computer and simply tables

Folding small-sized table

This table is hung up on a wall and has a folding table-top. Unlike own flat brothers in it a large quantity of offices: vertical folders for storage with documents and 3 drawers for other trifles. If to use this table bureau as a computer table for the >

Chair with a folding table

And very long ago we did not write, dear friends, on our loved subject: transforming furniture. Here fine and comfortable furniture from the designer of Wing Fung. Here and to explain it is necessary nothing, all is clear from pictures. Look also our >

Table which walks itself

There was at us somehow a post with video, about a round sliding table. The table from the furniture company Wouterscheublin thanks to a unique and obmyslenny design walks for the owner on own feet. >

Coffee table the hands

The website Mademoiselle Chaos is very fascinating. In the main thing there ladies speak to other ladies how to make the hands useless stuff everyone to anybody, such as the pedal fan of feathers. But there are also exceptions. Here for example >

Coffee table from magazines

Our epic post about coffee tables already rather grew fat from invariable replenishments. There a large quantity of the most sudden and fascinating tables and little tables but if to associate with a coffee table of the designer by name of Rush Pleansuk >

Folding table for the laptop

Computer equipment it becomes more and more compact, stationary computers give way to laptops, and now and still to the smallest iPadам and others. Computer tables too become ever less, curbstones and shelves for the keyboard disappear. How a computer >

Desk for a house office

In our digital century of papers of the house becomes ever less and if earlier to a desk that curbstones along the edges were necessary to find room for everything, now they can be cleaned under a table-top. The desktop for the house of Nika Zupanc studio >

How to finish a computer table the hands; columns

The computer table becomes for the modern person the main workplace in an office and the house vacation spot. It is better how to make a table for the computer, to make it comfortable, to hide wires and other cunnings are collected in our bolshenny post >

Coffee little tables with bronze figures of animals

With glass table-top at a coffee little table today you will surprise nobody, in a noshchy bolshenny post about coffee tables such strongly there is a lot of. But in works of designer Mark Stoddart glass is also a surface аква smooth surfaces of >

Modern desk with boxes

The collection of tables of ALKI Landa differs from usual to us desks with drawers that just these boxes are not put forward, but over each of them the cover which is at once a part of a table-top reveals. Such modernization looks in particular successful >