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Changing World

M any of the great accomplishments in art have developed in a period of great spiritual unrest, not at all unlike the present. The struggle itself has usually resulted in the birth of new ideas, in the development of new mate­rials and new methods, and in the beginning of an upward step in the prog­ress […]

Unexplored Fields For the Designer

I here are, in the main, five reasons why far-sighted manufacturers are eager to incorporate good design in their products: Good design offers new advertising opportunities. Good design increases sales appeal in any object. Good design instills a pride of ownership which in­creases the value of the piece. It creates favorable discussion by word-of – […]

Product Design as Approached

І he artist’s interest in machines has laid the foundation for a new depart­ment in industry, in which the relations of product manufacturers and of consumers reach a new level of understanding and congeniality. The artist’s contribution touches upon that most important of all phases entering into selling — the psychological. He appeals to the […]

What Price Factory Ugliness?

gliness, in varied forms, was the outstanding characteristic of the beginnings of the industrial age — exploitation of the workers, oppressive hours, inhumane conditions, dirt, poorly organized buildings. Factory ex­istence was a nightmare. Gradually, throughout a half century, conditions improved. With this improvement came the recognition that light, cleanli­ness, ventilation, and even agreeable surroundings were […]

Restaurant Architecture

to design the production of the Miracle for Max Reinhardt at the Century Theater, New York. Mr. Reinhardt had produced the Miracle many times, and he wanted me to work out an idea for presenting the play that would be different from any he had used before. The scheme that was finally evolved was to […]

New Houses for Old

-^ni y recently have architects attempted to solve the problems of domestic architecture in terms of the present age. Our best architects of the last generation were trained primarily on the basis of the monumental prob­lem, the big building. The study they have given to dwellings has been from the viewpoint of the expensive home, […]

By Air To-morrow

M ost present-day airports represent first-thought solutions to prob­lems involved in the housing of planes. From the viewpoint of planes’ landing and departing, the movement in and out of passengers, numerous handicaps and inadequacies are inherent, due to the casualness of the basic design. The better class of airports, however, have a semblance of organization […]